My first Baby: Complication at birth #Giveblood

The months through the pregnancy and delivery of my first baby was quite traumatic for me. At four months old pregnant  i couldn’t retain any food; it was a long 9 months and i just couldn’t wait to be delivered of my baby. In the early hours of the day i delivered, i started bleeding seriously and because i was a first time mother i did not know the implication to my life and that of the baby. Finally we got to the hospital and after routine medical check and scan for a pregnant mum like me, doctors diagnosed the cause of the bleeding. I had Placenta Previa and so i had to be operated upon urgently in order to save my baby and my life.

Thankfully during antenatal sessions we were required to have donated blood at the hospital’s blood bank in order to prepare for any emergency blood transfusion arising from serious hemorrhage during delivery. Eventually i did not need a blood transfusion but the blood donated by my family members remained at the blood bank to help save any life that might need it.

Every 14th June is world blood donors day. This year’s theme is “Blood connects us all”.
According to World Health’s Organization’s statistics up to 65% of blood transfusion are given to children under 5years old in low-in come countries.

Many pregnant women loose blood during pregnancy or at birth and therefore require blood transfusion. Another set of people needing blood transfusion are accident victims. When was the last time you donated blood? I am asking myself the same question. Time to do so because blood they say is life and it saves lives.



Photo Credits: Wallpaper Photo for World Health Organization’s 2016 WBDD Campaign

Adebisi Adetunji (C)


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