Lessons: Embarrassing Moment i can never forget

MEEEE 2Writing about one of my most embarrassing moment is not even funny but i just thought it might help to share a few lessons i learned from it and get to laugh at myself somehow.

A couple of years back i had in my file a collection of radio dramas i had written and produced. I was so “proud” of my little accomplishment and wanted to take it to another level. I did not want to rest on my laurel so i thought of meeting a few people who could help me probably develop movie scripts that i could later get paid for. A friend heard me talk about this my little dream and decided to link me to a star in the Nigerian Nollywood movie industry who happened to be working with a popular TV station in Lagos. I was excited.

On the morning of my meeting, i got dressed and headed for the TV station,dreaming about the great opportunity that laid ahead of me. However i blew the opportunity when i think back at it now.

Finally i was introduced to this movie star...i recognized him the moment i saw him because i had seen him in a number of movies…but i hadn’t paid attention to knowing his name. It was a familiar name that i had heard but you know how sometimes you don’t connect a face to a name you know. Anyway He welcomed me warmly and there was this other movie star.

We got talking and i embarrassed myself in a way that still makes me feel terrible. I can’t remember the details but i think i remember asking for the name i was given by my contact when i walked into his office. The other movie star tricked me by saying that he was the one i was looking for and i so believed him. Soon i discovered something was wrong because he was looking at me like i was really “stupid”. When i finally put the puzzle together it felt like the ground should cave in and swallow me.

How could i not have known…i kicked myself mentally over and over again while talking with the “original” movie star i was there to meet. He was polite and did flip through my work but with dis-interest in my own opinion. I guess not knowing who he was pissed him off. But what i did appreciate him for was that he encouraged me to keep writing.

Guess who this movie actor was:
PATRICK DOYLE (Nigerian Movie actor…imagine o!) Do you know that he shares the same name with another Patrick Doyle who happens to be a Scottish film composer.

Today i know better; i write better… and have written & produced over 200 Radio plays (blowing my own trumpet i guess) still working on doing my first movie script!!!

Lessons Learned:
*Know a little about everything
*Pay attention to movie stars and musical artists names
*Know a little about football even if you are not a football fan
*Listen to the news headlines  for the day even if you are not in the  bit of listening to politics.

Pay attention…pay attention…pay attention to learning more…you never know when you might need it.

Inspired by WordPress Daily Prompt

Adebisi Adetunji (C)


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