Our Elders: we call them Old School (World Elder Abuse Awareness Day)

I love talking about the elderly because lately i have been learning a lot about this vulnerable group of society that a lot of us just pretend that they don’t exist. We treat them less than human sometimes forgetting they still need love and caring even though they can sometimes get on your nerves. But old age and grey hair is a gift and some people don’t get old before their time is up. So  here is my own way of reminding myself and all of us about our grandmas/Grandpas, mums and dads:

WORLD ELDER ABUSE AWARENESS DAYhttp://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-images-image33290489

It’s June 15, another year, another month,another day, another opportunity to do something about protecting,  caring and providing for our elders.

Our elders are those we call old school;

Those who take slower steps now that their strength is gone having helped to raise the young like you and I.

S/He can no longer chew food as before

S/He likes to recapture past memories telling stories that only grandchildren are patient enough to listen to as us Adults are too busy trying to make money

Our elders are lonely and UN-cared for

Many times we ignore and behave like they don’t exist

Many times we forget to visit and make so many excuses that runs into years

Many times we leave them in the care of helps/maids who physically and verbally abuse them

Some are even raped by young evil minded neighbors and they can not even tell anyone because no one would believe.

Some elders are left in the sun for more than the hours required

We are rude to our elders; we shout at them and hurt their feelings

Some society do not even have a welfare plan/package for elderly citizens who have helped raised productive hands now working to build the society

Our elders are owed pensions

We treat our elders shabbily forgetting that we would grow old one day

Life is a full circle…you are young today and tomorrow you grow old.

Start with your mum; your dad; your uncle/aunt

Show some love to any older person living close to you

Report any case of elder abuse and lets make aging graceful for our elders!!!

Photo Credit: Dreamstime.com

Adebisi Adetunji (C)



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