A butterfly that never flew: Day of the African Child

A story is told of a caterpillar which was at the pupa stage and had  metamorphosed into a beautiful butterfly inside the pupa. The formed butterfly struggled to get out of the pupa and it looked like it was having a hard time. Butterfly emerging

A man was watching as this butterfly tried to get out of its pupa; he couldn’t wait and so he decided to help this butterfly by cutting through the pupa. Out came this beautiful butterfly with colorful wings but because it came out before it was ready, that butterfly could not fly like other butterflies. What is the use of a butterfly that can not fly…it would soon be stepped on by other animals or someone.

Many African girls are married off before they are ready to fly. Child marriage is one child abuse that needs to be stopped. Imagine giving  one of these beautiful girls away in marriage…!


It is simply trapping them and cutting them off before they are ready to fly beautifully.

The International Day of the African child is celebrated on 16th June every year. It is in commemoration of students murdered  in Soweto,1976 for protesting against poor quality of education. They also demanded to be taught in their local language.


This year’s theme: Conflicts and Crisis in Africa: Protecting all children’s rights. Every child has a right to be allowed to blossom fully into an adult in order have a fulfilled life.


Photo Credit: Butterfly life cycle

Adebisi Adetunji(c)

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