Interesting Angles to the sexual assault Bill : Lecturers and “Female Students” in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions

Lectures protest a new bill that provide for a 5 year jail term for lecturers who sexually assault (female) students.

Oga lecturer

A discussion with some of my male colleagues at work about this new bill opens other angles to this issue. Some are saying that female students sexually harass their lecturers through provocative dressing. In fact they argued that some female student’s dressing showing all their boobs, thighs and cleavage says i am available. I am even told that even heavy makeup and clean looking legs turns some men on. Does that mean that looking sexy might mean sending the wrong signal according to the men?

I am presuming that this protest by lecturers has to do with the fear that now that female students and parent can take legal action against lecturers whom they believe is guilty of sexual harassment, some lecturers might be victimized.

My angle on this matter:
I find it funny that lecturers are protesting a bill that seeks to punish assault against female students sexually. Are they claiming that they are the victims here? I mean many female students have been victims of sexual assault from male lecturers for as long as i can remember. There are many stories of female students who get an extra year or two simply because they refused to give in to the sexual yearnings of their lecturers. Interestingly too the boy friends of such girls also get the hammer. They also fail because they are the wall between the lecturer and his dream sexual exploit.

So i say this bill is a great step in the right direction for unwilling female students who refuse to sleep with their lecturers just to be in his good favor/pass their exams.

Listening to the news paper dailies this morning i listened to how some lecturers in the bid to prevent the bill from been passed said that “Universities have a way of handling sexual assault offend cases and that should be enough”?! Seriously i find the whole thing humorous…hee…heee as we say sometimes “I laugh in French”.

A peep into the bill:

“An educator shall be guilty of committing an offence of sexual harassment against a student if he/she has sexual intercourse with a student.

“He or she shall be guilty if he has sexual intercourse with a student or demands for sex from a student or a prospective student as a condition to study in an institution.

“He or she shall be guilty if he has sexual intercourse with a student or demands for sex from a student or a prospective student as a condition to the giving of a passing grade.

“ He or she shall be guilty if he solicits sex from or makes sexual advances at a student when the sexual solicitation or sexual advances result in an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment for the student.

“He or she shall be guilty if he directs or induces another person to commit any act of sexual harassment under this Act, or cooperates in the commission of sexual harassment by another person.

“He or she shall be guilty if he grabs, hugs, rubs or strokes or touches or pinches the breasts or hair or lips or hips or buttocks or any other sensual part of the body of a student.

“He or she shall be guilty if he displays, gives or sends by hand or courier or electronic or any other means naked or sexually explicit pictures or videos or sex related objects to a student.

“He or she shall be guilty if he whistles or winks at a student or screams or exclaims or jokes or makes sexually complimentary or uncomplimentary remarks about a student’s physique,”(Culled from Premium Times Nigeria)

Seriously Now

Lecturers are made up of the female and male gender and this bill mentions that both gender could be the culprit. In other words even female lecturers are not allowed to sexually harass male students. Do female lecturers also harass male students? Ok maybe i don’t know but i am aware that it will be in a subtle manner which does not still excuse such act.

The crux of the matter is this lecturers should design a means of maintaining their integrity. The way i see it if you have not been guilty of sexually harassing students before and principled, you have nothing to fear about this bill. The sledge hammer will only come down on the guilty. And seriously students know lecturers who are principled and should not be messed with.

And to our female students just because there is a bill now protecting you, it doesn’t mean you can now walk all over your lecturers. If you use this an opportunity to blackmail, it will come back to hunt you. And ladies dress like you want to be addressed!!

The moral behind this is that every man must learn to exercise self discipline and control especially when you are in a position of authority. Because the people under you are put there in trust- Damola Tinubu

As a lecturer  students are under your tutelage in trust!

Photo Credit: Oga Lecturer

Adebisi Adetunji (C)


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