My Blog : Beyond my Wildest Dreams


I am unto a new journey of improving on what i do here on my blog which is to write. Learning should never stop and the best way to do better is to keep learning. So i decided to enroll in this course powered by WordPress Blogging U: “Blogging, Branding and Growth”.

KNOW BETTERMy first assignment is to set three Goals about what i want to achieve with my blog.

I have more than three  -here they are:

  • I want to have more  interesting and interactive blog posts that inspires at least 20 comments for now
  • I want to make new friends and keep them: learning and supporting their blogs too
  • I want to have 500 followers and readers
  • I want a blog brand that attracts profit(money)
  • Most importantly to continue to enjoy blogging

And here is my long term goal:

  • I want my blog to become a spring board for policy changes that will make life better for women, Girls and children.

And so the hard work and journey continues….A shout out to my readers, followers and friends in the blogging community!!!

Photo Credits: (1) Funderstanding (2)

Adebisi Adetunji (C)


8 thoughts on “My Blog : Beyond my Wildest Dreams

  1. Hi Bisi,

    I like how you’ve clearly set out your goals, one is more likely to succeed if they make a plan and work towards achieving this. Well done.

    Best wishes and happy blogging! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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