Funny Difference between Mums and Dads

FUNNY PHOTOWhen it comes to buying foodstuff

Dad: Honey i am home and guess what?!
Mum: What?
Dad: I stopped by at the market to get a few things.
Mum: Great…so what dd you buy?
Dad: N3000 worth of meat and N2,000 Fish
Mum: N5000 for only Meat and fish….and we need other things like salt, Groundnut oil, seasoning, Iron sponge for washing pots; Foam for wiping the sink, …
Dad: (Cuts in)ok…ok next time you go shopping you can buy them.
Mum: (Not pleased)

Breakfast on a school day
Mum: Darling we need to buy a few things for breakfast tomorrow.
Dad: I think we still have beverage and milk
Mum: But we need to buy bread, Jam/butter and egg.
Dad: Look the children will manage tea and biscuits.

In the morning:
Dad: Honey we are running late; What is for breakfast?
Mum: Tea and Biscuit
Dad: Isn’t there any bread and butter that we can toast???

Daddy’s Car:
Children: We are hungry dad, can we eat some of the meat pie you bought for us?
Dad: (Shaking his head) No…no…no when you get down from the car you’ll eat.
Children: But Dad…
Dad: (Cuts in)Don’t daddy me…i won’t have you messing up my carpet and chair after my laborious washing of the car in the morning.
Children: ( Grumbling)

Mummy’s Car:
Children: Mummy can we eat our biscuits, groundnuts and soft drinks.
Mum: Go right ahead.
Children: Don’t worry we will be careful not to dirty your car.
Mum: Go on guys, how else would people know i have kids!!!

Children: We are hungry
Dad: Again…didn’t you just finish eating something a while ago?!!
Mum: Oh honey, let them eat…after all its a holiday and since they are not busy doing school work…they will be doing a lot of eating.
Dad: (Shakes his head) I just don’t understand…this children, please don’t finish all the foodstuff in the house o.
Mum: God will continue to provide honey.
Dad: I hear you…

Adebisi Adetunji (C)


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