Fellow Bloggers who Motivate and Encourage me in a Surprising Way #1.


Get motivate -Please visit these blogs and say hello plus you might take away something new. Don’t be afraid to meet others; reach out, spread the love…that’s how we all grow.

Panchirsch…He blogs and post photos of interesting places around the world. Almost every time I post something on my blog, he is one of those who had clicked on the “like” button. Seriously it does encourage me especially since I haven’t visited his blog or clicked the “like” button as many times as he had done for me. I am going to visit more now my friend.

Lesson: Keeping doing good; keep supporting others even when the other person seem not to notice you wish.

The Eye Dancers– A great story with great imaginations. Thank you for reading my posts.

Akhila – Delightful and full of sunshine. She has a way with words and I am encouraged by comments.

Jacqueline –acookingpotandtwistedtales…Never far behind encouraging other bloggers and very creative with words. She is the one that calls me “Nne” meaning sister. To me she is my sister from another mother. If you are looking for a party to attend with so much fun, and collaboration….Jackie’s blog is the place to be. My stats increase every time I attend one of these parties and mingle with others. And you have a great opportunity to share your posts here in other to reach a wide audience.

Kidsoftenthe50sand60s – She knows how to take you back in time. Want to see biscuits, cloths, foods and so on from your past and compare them to modern day versions…then it is one blog you have to visit. I am encouraged by her because she pops up every now and then to see my posts and comment or like. And somehow it just comes at the right time…that’s the feeling I get when I see her comment. Thank you for staying with me.

Dray – DreamBigDreamoften, one blogger who reminds me of the fact that I can grow and keep growing. I am encouraged by the fact that my blog got found by other bloggers on his page. And I have made some new friends through his let’s connect links.

More bloggers in my life coming next week…Love you all!!

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

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