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Yeah! It’s fun time this time 🙂 We cycle out of another month in a couple of days and the way time zooms by sometimes make me feel like a hamster running around in circles in pursuit of time 🙂 Anywhoo, I hope your weekend is…

Winner of Farm Radio International Farmer Programme e-course…ok Who?

I took a Farmer’s e-course program sometime last year look  what i came out with and i just stumbled on it today while trying to figure out why my facebook page isn’t coming up…Winner of Farm Radio International’s Farmer Programme e-course…ok…i am celebrating life as a farmer…Lol. Come on i didn’t do it alone!!!

Shout out to my course tutors, colleagues particularly Oluwaseun Akinola on the course…it was a roller coaster all the way!!!

Here is an excerpt from the published spotlight on barzawire

“Ms. Adetunji signed up for Farm Radio International’s Farmer program e-course because of “curiosity and the desire to keep on developing [her] broadcasting skills.” During the e-course, participants were asked to interview farmers in their field; Ms. Adetunji says that going out to the field was a very revealing activity: “I got to hear stories of what the life [of] some farmers looked like: They work so hard to feed themselves, their families, and the nation, yet with little to show for it.”

When asked how the Farmer program e-course would change how she worked as a broadcaster, Ms. Adetunji replied: “I am more aware of the need to ensure that the target audience of any program should be involved in what items I churn out”.

Read up the full gist on barzawire Spotlight on Adebisi Adetunji Meself

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Story from the Corner of a Street: Regret & Weeping

STORY FROM THE STREETSSometimes you meet people, they look happy but at the core of their soul and heart something in their past hurts really badly. Things they wish had been, some things they wish never should have happened; all the Ifs hurt. I found myself caught on the corner of a street in a neighborhood I would only visit for field assignments.

It was on one of such call to duty that I met this woman who obviously managed to get by in her meager business. Here was this very energetic, funny and happy woman I was interviewing about her family. She burst into tears right in the middle of our interview chat…my recorder was still on…I simply stopped and wrapped my arms around her saying every words of comfort that came to my heart at that moment. It took a while before she calmed down.

What was this middle aged woman weeping about?

While growing up as a child her parents got separated. It wasn’t the typical court divorce, her mum just her dad for whatever reasons her little mind could not grasp. She had to live with her dad but wasn’t really happy because he married another woman and it was an uncomfortable environment for her. Sometime later her mum showed up and a fight broke out between her dad and mum over who should have custody of her. She wanted badly to stay with her mother and she cried until her dad angrily sent her to her mum. He refused to sponsor her education since she chose to stay with her mum who could not afford sending her to school. She could only get a primary education…these was the point where she busted into tears…

What I saw in her eyes beyond her words & tears:
She shook her head and stared at me her interviewer.
Her eyes said I could have been educated like you
My life would have been better today if only my parents tried to put me first.
Her body shook with pains as she cried out loud saying, “I really wanted to go to school”

It felt awkward but I felt her pain. I wish I could turn back the hand of the clock to right the wrong of not allowing her to go to school. I could only give her hope that the future could be bright. In my words, “your past doesn’t have to determine your future; you can still make it; you would still succeed; getting an education is still possible; God can still beautify your life”.

Finally she stopped crying and wiped her tears as I held her close. I do not take this encounter for granted. It was a privilege to share the pain of this woman who saw me as someone that represented what she could have had. I was educated; she wasn’t….NOT SO FAIR!

Every Girl, Every child deserve to go to school and be educated properly.
Adebisi Adetunji ©

Missed you…Missed YOU Seriously


I have been away almost the whole week and i am delighted to be able to put pen to paper and give you my dear friends something to read and peruse through.

A girl does deserve a break don’t you think? *wink*
I am supposed to be on vacation….still trying to catch some fun here and there but again pent up stress found an outlet and broke me down. I have kind of being under the weather and so i am forced to visit the hospital and hug my bed by force!

You won’t believe it while hugging my bed trying to rest my bones and body i have a business deadline…personal not office things o! And so my stressed body is ringing a warning bell all around in my head with so much throbbing at the side. Finally i do what i can and allow my body to rest.

I am writing this post at least feeling rested a bit and i just couldn’t resist the temptation to not say hello to you my dear friends in the blogging community; friends and family on other social media platforms.

I missed reading your comments, i missed reading your posts and commenting; i missed your likes and kind words…you matter to me.

I missed you…believe it…i seriously missed you.

Next post loading shortly is a “Story from the corner of a street” I met a woman that made realize the pain some people leave with…you just don’t know even though they seem happy.

Adebisi Adetunji(C)

Have a Great Friday & Weekend

My words are few but i must drop you this few lines…
Hope you week has been fruitful
Never mind what goals you weren’t able to achieve…
Meaning don’t beat yourself so hard

Enjoy your little successes
Celebrate your mile stones
Next week brings in loads of new opportunities to press on again
For now, take time to rest and have some fun this weekend
Have a great Friday and weekend.

Adebissi Adetunji (C)

14 years and still Counting….

14 years and still Counting…. FAMILY PIX
It looked like yesterday
We started out in a single room, sleeping on a mattress on the floor
There was no TV, no Stauffer
But we had a lot of love
There was no car, no carpet yet
But we enjoyed strolling down the road hand in hand
We didn’t earn big figures as salaries
But we enjoyed our dozes of vegetables, ponmo, eja kika and eba


14 years and still counting
We have grown
We have more responsibilities
Our family is bigger
We have been to places
We are certainly not where we used to be
We are more blessed

14 years and still counting
We have got bigger dreams waiting to happen
Let the years roll on as we walk together hand in hand
Trusting our heavenly father to unfold bigger and beautiful things
Grateful for this gift…our home…our marriage!!!

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Be at Peace with Yourself…Thoughts & Life #9

Learn to be at peace with yourself
You seriously have to take one day at a time
Fretting gets you tensed, unsettled and saps you of energy


Do what you can today and let tomorrow take care of it self
For tomorrow will surely take care of itself
Each day has enough trouble to handle already

Be at peace with yourself
Enjoy today; enjoy the blessing of being alive
Enjoy the blessing of your loved ones.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

What are you WAITING…For?

Waiting…                           WAITING PIX
Waiting can be tough
Waiting is never easy
You can’t have everything you want when you want it
You have to learn to wait
Learn to be patient

Everything comes at its own time
Just because you do not have it today doesn’t mean life has to stop

Keep doing what you can with what you have
Use the time you can have to do what you can
It will not always remain so
You will not always have to do without
Every waiting has an end
Patience does bring a rewarding reward

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Thoughts and Life #8 – Life is a Cycle

Kids playing
Grandma laughing delightfully
Grandpa smiling and joins the fun

The old white brow remembers when the house was boisterous
Children have left and the nest is empty.
The wrinkled hands remembers so much more
The shaky hands are happy to hug the little ones
They are the fruits from those who left the nest earlier

Life is much simpler now
Things that use to matter no longer do
Life becomes all about little things that bring joy

Once young but now old
Life is now full of memories
Enjoy everyday of your life because you are going to come full cycle.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

When was the Last time you enjoyed your holiday?

The Summer holidays are here for school children, it’s a long one and parents have to think of creative ways to engage their wards. All over the city, bill boards advertising summer coaching, summer extra-curricular of all sorts. Seriously I think we are been very unfair to our kids. They had worked so hard during the school year and instead of allowing them to enjoy their holiday we put them in our cars and drop them off at another school coaching again!!!

I don’t know about you my children have a different idea about how they want to spend their holiday. Here is what they did on a visit to their grandparents  place. It was cousins time out building a house….


Allow your kids to have a memorable childhood…like this

It was time to build in the middle of grandpa’s bird houses…turkey, chicken and ducks

Two turkeys strolling together…Friendship bond

Testing the strength of our leaf thatched house



Checking if our house is roomy enough to sleep in.


Have a fun filled summer holiday and weekend!!!

Adebisi Adetunji (C)