Need A Vacation…A needful Rest

A boat ride on one of the seas of Uganda

This morning i woke up feeling aches all over my body; it felt like all i needed was the warm hug of my blanket. But i had to get out of bed to put a few more things in place…

That too came with a wish…a wish that someone would just help me sort out these things…

Sometimes it just pays to ask others to help (Secret of off loading your heavy burden)

My Annual leave is just a few hours away…hmmn i am looking forward to it but…
But what? A few of my days will still be used to plan for a big event to celebrate Senior Citizens in October (World Elders day). A member of the committee and there is no escaping for me.

But I’ll still find time to laugh with my children
I’ll get to spend some cozy times with the “husband”…*wink* haaaa…no baby plan here o!
We will only get to oil our relationship with a lot of love….

So Vacation….vacation welcome…looking forward to resting this aching body.

Do have a restful weekend dear friend, reader and follower!!!

Adebisi Adetunji (C)


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