Pleeeeese…what is the issue here: Don’t Marry a woman who can’t cook?

Seriously why is this a trending issue?

Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. I do not want to get into the argument but I do have a few frank things to say here:

A man may not necessarily marry a woman because she is a fantastic cook if I may say but seriously you need to know how to cook some good food as a woman.

• You need to eat healthy
• You need to save some money for other things instead of having to visit the various eateries
• What exactly do you want to feed your children and family with…junks?
• And by the way won’t it be fun to be the one to teach both your son and daughter how to prepare delicious and well balanced meals…

My husband cooks and I cook and I am grateful to my mother in-law for being a good cook and teaching him how to cook.

• Why should my man know how to cook and I don’t…that’s letting men win again!!!
• I like the idea of been in charge of my kitchen

Believe it or not been a good cook is a big issue in some marriages so ladies you have to pay attention.

Don’t marry a man who has no job?

My take:

A man doesn’t have to have a seven digit paying job but he should be empowered enough to bring some money home to take care of his family.

Some women have found themselves in a bottled neck relationship where they handle all the bills…this is not funny! And lady you might not mind for a while because you are head over hills in love with him…soon it will become a source of tension and fights as bills pile up.

So think again before you tie the knot with a man who simply lives on empty promises of getting a job soon and you have been dating him for a year now.

Some women even pay all the wedding bills and the “dear husband” thinks it is going to be “wifey Christmas money” all the way. She struggles with it for thee rest of her marriage life.

I guess we all get to choose who we end up with in a marriage…the ball is in your court.

Love is blind but marriage is an eye opener. What you can not put up with later don’t keep managing it…it will only become a big issue later.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)


3 thoughts on “Pleeeeese…what is the issue here: Don’t Marry a woman who can’t cook?

  1. From the way I look at this, Baba Pastor is quite influential, our people listen to him therefore he is expected to present balanced views that reflect our realities. People have jobs and can loose it, life challenges aren’t static.

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    • Dear Folakemi…thanks for lending your voice to this post. However i think people have just taken this issue out of context and seriously there is some truth in what he said though we may not agree with everything he said or take it verbatim. Omo yoruba ni e…a i mo oye obirin ti o ti bo si owo awon okunrin alai nikan se to je wipe owun la wa ma gbe bukata igba ti won ba se igbe iyawo tan. Obirin si gbodo mo ounje se ti o ba fe ki ile owun o daru…there is a case my sister is handling presently…iyawo o mo ounje se rara…ko si tun ni oro ire lenu… so my dear sister some truths are hard to swallow…let’s look at these issues from a woman’s perspective…obirin lo ma njiya e to ba de ile tan. Ise le bo lowo oko tabi iyawo leyin igbeyawo sugbon God will always make a way. But before the weeding i will advice any lady not to marry a man who is not serious with his life and future. Let’s not take this feminism thing too far …i am definitely for fighting the rights of women but lets tell our selves the truth sometimes.


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