PRESS ON – Thoughts & Life #7 (Guest Post)

Gearing up to heed the call,Your body is primed for new terrains.
Mind, set on green realms.
Feet, ready for unmapped tracts.
The instant it dawns on your soul;
Press on!

Then, caution calls in the voices of your kindred
Fear yells at you in familiar tones and colours
The rips and blemishes of your past try to conceal your mended and pristine future
Imperfections fight to sheath your beauty.

Dare to take an intentional stance of faith and hope!
Perfect your balance on the fragile beam of courage
Give fear a mocking glance of defiance
Be steady and swift, apt and sound, optimistic and confident
Trail off the shores of familiarity and certainty
Imprint your foot in the unwashable sands of time
Etch your name on the ineffaceable hearts of men
Fix your gaze on The Bearer of The Torch
Press on!

Again, fear, chanting the give up call
You try to estimate how many laps to the home call
Lost on the tracks of worries and doubts
Through the vicissitudes of life, you almost get trapped in the maze of contemplation and despair
Then a chord strikes like a chiming church bell

“Its not about you; it has never been
I brought you this far; I’m not about to forsake you
Go on child you, you can do it
Press on, my Precious Jewel, you can be it
I will goad you into all your possibilities
Listen, the Host of Heaven is cheering you on”

All at once!
The voice resonates deeper and clearer and louder
The Caller of The Called it is!
The Possessor of The Trophy beckons
The Custodian of The Crown smiles behind the tape
Bearing the victor’s garland and the champ’s ale

“Welcome Home, My Child”
………Inspired by Phillipians3:14
It is never too late to try out something new or conceive new dreams. Don’t let marriage or motherhood choke your dreams and aspirations out of you. You were created to do great things.

oyinkan FMBThis post was written by Oyinkansola Peter-Ajayi.
Oyinkan is a Correspondent and Presenter with Radio Nigeria.
She lives by the mantra, “Eagles don’t flock” and tweets @Oyinpeter_ajayi


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