Winner of Farm Radio International Farmer Programme e-course…ok Who?

I took a Farmer’s e-course program sometime last year lookย  what i came out with and i just stumbled on it today while trying to figure out why my facebook page isn’t coming up…Winner of Farm Radio International’s Farmer Programme e-course…ok…i am celebrating life as a farmer…Lol. Come on i didn’t do it alone!!!

Shout out to my course tutors, colleagues particularly Oluwaseun Akinola on the course…it was a roller coaster all the way!!!

Here is an excerpt from the published spotlight on barzawire

“Ms. Adetunji signed up for Farm Radio Internationalโ€™s Farmer program e-course because of โ€œcuriosity and the desire to keep on developing [her] broadcasting skills.โ€ During the e-course, participants were asked to interview farmers in their field; Ms. Adetunji says that going out to the field was a very revealing activity: โ€œI got to hear stories of what the life [of] some farmers looked like: They work so hard to feed themselves, their families, and the nation, yet with little to show for it.โ€

When asked how the Farmer program e-course would change how she worked as a broadcaster, Ms. Adetunji replied: โ€œI am more aware of the need to ensure that the target audience of any program should be involved in what items I churn out”.

Read up the full gist on barzawire Spotlight on Adebisi Adetunji Meself

Adebisi Adetunji (C)


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