Elder friendly Wednesday

radio-2Here is what i have been busy doing….
World Elders Day Celebration in style, coming up October, 3, 2016.
Loads of fun for our senior citizens as we take them down memory lane with Jimi Solanke and other artistes; Cultural display; Diet and mobility at old age talks, Free medical check by Chief Tony Anenih Geriatric centre medical team UCH; Free eye check by Corporate eye clinic and lots more.

Lets do this….world elders day loading….

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How Do Older Persons Feel?

Every now and then while interacting with an older person i get a glimpse of their feeling. happy-older-couple-111120

After a meeting with an organization planning for the celebration of our senior citizens, we stood up and made our way down stairs.

Those of us still in our youthful years raced down the stairs and when we got down we stood looking up waiting for the elders to finish taking one step after another slowly and heaved a sigh of relief as soon as they made it to the last step.

One elderly man said laughing: “you young people just jugged down…age is telling on our bodies now”.

I bet that old man wanted to race down the stairs like we did. I wish i knew what went through his mind…memories of his youthful days i guess and a wish that he could turn back the hand of the clock.

How do older persons feel?
Its a whole new season of adjustment for them:
– Diets change
-Mobility is slower
– Kids are carrying on with their own lives meaning loneliness can set in.
– Number of friends decrease
– Earning power seriously reduced leaving them frustrated about not having enough money to buy or do what they wish.
– The younger generation are impatient on the queue while waiting for an elderly person to move on in the line.
– Frequent visits to the hospital
And a whole lot more…

As the world prepares to celebrate another world older persons day come 1st October, 2016 lets make life better for our senior citizens. Theme: Take a stand against Ageism( Age discrimination)

Put a smile on an older person today by been more caring and patient.

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Ride on Your Challenge – Thoughts and Life #11

Yoruba Proverb – “Bi esin ba daa ni a man tun gun ni”...if a horse throws you down you climb it again until it breaks.


Your challenge is a leverage to that next level you want to get to don’t let it stop you.

There is no progress without a challenge to surmount.
So expect a challenge every time if you must move up the ladder

How to break your challenge and win
– Don’t be afraid as it stares you hard in the face daring you.
– Pray and trust in the Almighty God who is able to hold your hands and carry you through. And He does, i have seen it happen time and time again with me.
– Don’t give up even when you fail.
– Believe you can do it
– Nothing is new under the sun, so you are not alone.
– Learn a bit more about this new challenge so you can eventually find out its secret.
– Work hard, stay awake if you have to to make your deadline.
– Look around for others who have had the same challenge and find out how they came through.
– Never give in, don’t give up
– A line in a song by Ron Kenoly says…Go ahead, go ahead don’t stop!

Have a great Friday!!!

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Monday Morning Meditations…


Welcome to a brand new week!!! Be optimistic, its going to be a fabulous and fruitful one. A few thoughts from my morning meditation…hope you find something inspiring….

A person’s wisdom yields patience; it is to one’s glory to overlook an offense. Proverbs 19:11

Life becomes less stressful when you can overlook the offense of others…remember you also offend them.

Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done. Proverbs 19:17.

Look around and share your resources with someone in need.
A hot tempered person must pay the penalty Proverbs 19:19
Cool down, stop blowing your fuse…you might hurt yourself and others. Get help and work on your temper.

The fear of the Lord leads to life; then one rests content, untouched by trouble. Proverbs 19: 23

Let God in and see how He can beautify your life.

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Anorexic at Fifteen- A Girl’s Story

There are a number of things that can negatively scar/impact a person for life. For some a childhood experience is responsible for their problematic low self-esteem.

Words are seriously powerful. A Yoruba adage says, “eyin lo hun. To ba ti bo sile, kose ko mo”. It means that words are fragile, once spoken cannot be retrieved especially when it is hurtful or damaging.

As a parent what words are you speaking to your children?
As a teacher you are a major player in how your students turn out in future. Many of us believed our teachers possibly more than our parents as toddlers…So as a teacher are you speaking words that build the self-esteem of kids under you?

Check out this story from a book I am reading currently: Handbook on Counselling Youth by Josh McDowell & Bob Hostetler. Chapter 42- Anorexia Nervosa
Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder anorexia-3

Ever since she was a baby, Linda had been fat. Her parents used to call her their little teddy bear because she was cuddly and pudgy…months before Linda first sought treatment, she tried cheerleader…When the big day of tryouts came , she performed perfectly. Everyone thought she would be selected.
The next morning she left for school, excited as she anticipated seeing her name on the list of new rally squad members. Then came the shocking truth, her name was not on the list. She couldn’t believe it. What had gone wrong?
Linda ran down the hall to find the cheer leading adviser. Mrs Anderson stood up as Linda walked into her office in tears. “Why didn’t I make the squad when everyone, including you, said I was so good?” Linda cried.
Mrs Anderson’s frank reply made a scarring impression on Linda. “You’re good,” she said, “but you’re also overweight. We can’t put fat cheerleaders out in front of everyone. Besides that, we don’t have a uniform big enough to fit you”.
Linda hated herself, she hated her fat…Two months later, Linda had lost forty pounds and had gone from a size thirteen to a size four. She had become anorexic at fifteen years of age.

I find this story very sad because that cheer leading opportunity was just one big step in helping Linda become confident about herself. Words are powerful be careful what you say to others especially children and teenagers. Be kind, be patient and don’t just be frank in a hurtful way.

You have an opportunity to help your child as a mum or dad believe in himself/herself.

You have the opportunity as a teacher, leader to help produce kids that are confident about themselves.

According to Josh McDowell & Bob Hostetler in their Handbook, Youth Counseling:

A few causes of Anorexia
• Childhood abuse…it is an escape route for pain
• Culture of been slim and thin as an acceptable figure accepted by society.
• Need for control.

Look at the enormous effects
• Amenorrhea- It sometimes causes disruption of normal circle.
• Anemia – decrease in red blood cell count in the body.
• Malnutrition
• Kidney dysfunction and failure – Extreme loss of weight can cause the kidney to malfunction.
• Dry skin & thin head hair.
• Guilt & Shame
• Social withdrawal

If you have an eating disorder problem please seek help. You’ve got beautiful things ahead of you. You are unique and special. Your past does not have to determine your present, there is a whole lot more to you. And seriously you are beautiful just been you; there is nothing wrong with having some more flesh!!!

Photo Credit: ODDEE -Ten most shocking cases of Anorexia

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When do you Recharge yourself?

While surfing and reading through my wordpress reader page to catch up on new post by friends in the blogging community i came across this post Recharge by Nomadic Adventurer.  An interesting and inspiring read.

It was a reminder that you and I need to take care of  ourselves. Just because you seem to  have a lot of energy to expend does not mean that you are invincible to breaking down.

So the idea is this don’t wait to have a nervous break down before you take that much needed rest.

It is ok to give time to supporting family, friends and colleagues in their projects.

It is ok to celebrate with friends and family

It is ok to do one more task for your company or organization

But when your body begins to give that warning sign of, “i am tired; “i am exhausted”. Then it is time to give your body a break before it decides to make you rest by force. This is not usually an enjoyable rest.

know when to STOP and take time to REST

Post inspired by Daily Prompt


How to Manage an overwhelming Project: Thoughts & Life #10

* Breath Easy
* Break your assignment into small doable bits
* Get others involved in the task
* Assign duties
* Be ready to work hard
* Start your project work ahead of time, don’t wait until the deadline is just around the corner. You will be putting yourself under enormous pressure and you might fail to meet the deadline.
* Be ready to give your best, be ready to pay attention to details.
* Don’t be too quick to give up on yourself and team members if things get messed up in the first attempt.
* Be ready to do it again
* The project is going to take more than just a few hours of your day. Be ready to put in the extra hours.
* Remember to take intermittent breaks. For when you are rested a bit you feel the energy to go on.

Don’t try to finish a project of one month in one day. Draw out a step by step plan.

* Write down the different stages of doable tasks and tick them off as you achieve them . This will show your progress and in turn encourage you and your team.
* Finish it…finish it don’t stop even when it seems that some equipment of material needed for the project is hard to find.
* You can do it…breath easy and just dig in to begin to take on one task at a time, one day at a time.
* By your deadline, you’ll be all set to deliver the goods!!!
* And don’t forget to thank everyone who had helped in accomplishing the project…your team members,others and yourself too.

Celebrate your success as you get ready to take on another task for a well accomplished project brings in other projects.

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Holiday Greetings- Barka De Sallah

A shout out to all my Muslim friends
Happy Eid el Kabir!



Humor: The Rams are protesting o…Lol


I am enjoying the two days holiday…a nice break for me and my family. Please don’t forget to share the love by e-mailing my Ram meat o! *wink* 🙂

Let’s show some love to our neighbors this season!

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