Friday Fiction: Adding Salt to the Wound of a woman waiting to have a Child

saltTwenty four full moons had passed; the gossips continued. Even Kala my friend asked me if it was true that my husband was impotent. It was the end of our friendship. In the village I felt embarrassed to walk among the people and at home Manya treated me like an enemy. I prayed that the gods would bless me soon.

One evening while thinking about my troubles, tired from the day’s farm work, I nodded off on the wooden chair in front of our hut. The gentle breeze was comforting. Suddenly, I felt a strong arm grip mine, Manya was back. I quickly got up and welcomed him. He took my place on the chair.

He was hungry and I hadn’t cooked. “At least you can cook my meals, since you are an empty barrel”, he said. I felt pained in my heart and tried to speak, “The gods will shine on us soon” The words were still in my mouth when I felt a sharp pain across my face. Dizziness and darkness engulfed me and I staggered backwards. I felt his hands all over my body and heard his furious voice,” You will never challenge me again …lazy woman”. My screams must have been heard ten compounds away, but it is a man’s business what he does with his wife.

Excerpt from my short story “Face in the Mirror”.

It is already emotionally stressful wanting badly to have a baby why add salt to her wound by physically assaulting again. Oh what some women go through…!!!

Photo Credit:

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

2 thoughts on “Friday Fiction: Adding Salt to the Wound of a woman waiting to have a Child

  1. Sadly this is what many couples are facing – accusing one another of being the ‘culprit’ but it will get better once we learn more of world around us and realise infertility is no ‘one hat fits all’ issue. And hopefully people will be open minded enough to identify who needed help.

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