Holiday Greetings- Barka De Sallah

A shout out to all my Muslim friends
Happy Eid el Kabir!



Humor: The Rams are protesting o…Lol


I am enjoying the two days holiday…a nice break for me and my family. Please don’t forget to share the love by e-mailing my Ram meat o! *wink* 🙂

Let’s show some love to our neighbors this season!

Photo Credit: National Daily Mirror




Adebisi Adetunji (C)


2 thoughts on “Holiday Greetings- Barka De Sallah

    • At least i got a few extra hours of sleep…no pressure. Interestingly i saw a number of Rams sacrificing their lives in my neighborhood. Naija no dey carry last. Trust our people…times are hard…school fees is around the corner but they will still look for money for their Ram o…Lol.


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