How to Manage an overwhelming Project: Thoughts & Life #10

* Breath Easy
* Break your assignment into small doable bits
* Get others involved in the task
* Assign duties
* Be ready to work hard
* Start your project work ahead of time, don’t wait until the deadline is just around the corner. You will be putting yourself under enormous pressure and you might fail to meet the deadline.
* Be ready to give your best, be ready to pay attention to details.
* Don’t be too quick to give up on yourself and team members if things get messed up in the first attempt.
* Be ready to do it again
* The project is going to take more than just a few hours of your day. Be ready to put in the extra hours.
* Remember to take intermittent breaks. For when you are rested a bit you feel the energy to go on.

Don’t try to finish a project of one month in one day. Draw out a step by step plan.

* Write down the different stages of doable tasks and tick them off as you achieve them . This will show your progress and in turn encourage you and your team.
* Finish it…finish it don’t stop even when it seems that some equipment of material needed for the project is hard to find.
* You can do it…breath easy and just dig in to begin to take on one task at a time, one day at a time.
* By your deadline, you’ll be all set to deliver the goods!!!
* And don’t forget to thank everyone who had helped in accomplishing the project…your team members,others and yourself too.

Celebrate your success as you get ready to take on another task for a well accomplished project brings in other projects.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)


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