When do you Recharge yourself?

While surfing and reading through my wordpress reader page to catch up on new post by friends in the blogging community i came across this post Recharge by Nomadic Adventurer.  An interesting and inspiring read.

It was a reminder that you and I need to take care of  ourselves. Just because you seem to  have a lot of energy to expend does not mean that you are invincible to breaking down.

So the idea is this don’t wait to have a nervous break down before you take that much needed rest.

It is ok to give time to supporting family, friends and colleagues in their projects.

It is ok to celebrate with friends and family

It is ok to do one more task for your company or organization

But when your body begins to give that warning sign of, “i am tired; “i am exhausted”. Then it is time to give your body a break before it decides to make you rest by force. This is not usually an enjoyable rest.

know when to STOP and take time to REST

Post inspired by Daily Prompt


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