How Do Older Persons Feel?

Every now and then while interacting with an older person i get a glimpse of their feeling. happy-older-couple-111120

After a meeting with an organization planning for the celebration of our senior citizens, we stood up and made our way down stairs.

Those of us still in our youthful years raced down the stairs and when we got down we stood looking up waiting for the elders to finish taking one step after another slowly and heaved a sigh of relief as soon as they made it to the last step.

One elderly man said laughing: “you young people just jugged down…age is telling on our bodies now”.

I bet that old man wanted to race down the stairs like we did. I wish i knew what went through his mind…memories of his youthful days i guess and a wish that he could turn back the hand of the clock.

How do older persons feel?
Its a whole new season of adjustment for them:
– Diets change
-Mobility is slower
– Kids are carrying on with their own lives meaning loneliness can set in.
– Number of friends decrease
– Earning power seriously reduced leaving them frustrated about not having enough money to buy or do what they wish.
– The younger generation are impatient on the queue while waiting for an elderly person to move on in the line.
– Frequent visits to the hospital
And a whole lot more…

As the world prepares to celebrate another world older persons day come 1st October, 2016 lets make life better for our senior citizens. Theme: Take a stand against Ageism( Age discrimination)

Put a smile on an older person today by been more caring and patient.

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Photo Credit:

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

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