You Must Read this Love Story… Inspiring.

This love tale keeps blossoming even after 34years. We need more marriages that will stand the test of time.

anniversary-tinz“So here’s the thing. The 19 year old brother of my school mate and friend Meg came to my school one Visiting Sunday with his parents and siblings to visit her. Having no family in Kano, I was on Meet, Greet and Call detail. Later I stopped at their picnic to greet Meg’s family and we were introduced. He was a slim geeky lad with glasses and a reserved mien. I liked him. I liked his brown intense eyes. But he was anything but my type. I thought I liked the extroverted, party animal, with it, fun loving, I know all the latest dance steps, know all the lyrics to all the latest records, know what’s going on kind. It was 3 days to my 17th birthday. He made me laugh. Quiet sense of humor, ok. He made eye contact the entire time. He obviously liked me. His intent brown eyes got me. And after I walked away, I thought Hmm I like him. He’s too quiet though. But I talked so much. He still makes me talk too much to this day. He’s a master of the art of making others do the talking and still make it the best conversation you ever had. That’s my Toni. Oh another thing I loved about him that sealed the deal? He loved his mom so much and was so close to his younger only sister, they wrote each other every week. Wow. Here’s someone who’d care for me perhaps, I said to myself. 3 days later I received a birthday card and a friendly letter. Ok that’s enough now. 9 years later we wedded. 34 years ago. Boy meets girl, who’d have thought that would lead to this. I’m so happy and blessed. God loves me to give me Toni’s love as well. We give thanks”

Take Away Points:

Opposites attract.  You don’t have to like the same things just enjoy each other’s company.

If He loves his mother then he can love you better. No cause for alarm.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Mr & Mrs Toni/Data Phido. May you enjoy more blissful years filled with love.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)


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