It’s Ok to Take Care of Yourself


Many women toil from “dawn to dawn” -By this phrase, I mean even at 2am, 3am, 4am some women are up working to feed their families. The woman who owns and runs a food canteen or is a food vendor must be up before the cock crows in order to be ready for her customers

As a career woman, she works hard at the office and her muscles ache all over her body. All she wants is to crash on a bed and sleep but no way as she opens the door to her home, she doesn’t even take off her clothes, sometimes even her shoes – kitchen work here I come!!! depositphotos_26021557-vector-cartoon-of-overworked-housewife

Family members are waiting to have dinner and guess what they want a meal that will take that extra effort. Imagine your husband talking about taking pounded yam at 10pm

marthapoundingyams…seriously “Mi o le wa ku o” (I can’t die o). I am blessed moi dear husband” does not make such demands.

My point here:

Woman, You Must really take of yourself; take care of your health. Have me time…find a day to lazy away doing something that you love and relaxing too.


Throw off your “busy hat”.

Ok I know its a week day but plan a me relaxing time soon!!!

Photo Credit: 1) InterfaceLift 2)Deposit Photos  2) Cornell College- Women Antiquity 3) Lips, Lashes Pro

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

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