Chicken Soldiers – Mundane Monday Challenge


Mundane Monday challenge – It’s all about finding beauty in your environment. I like these sparkling white chickens all  looking like  Soldiers waiting… Waiting for what? Hehehe… Christmas is just around the corner!

Have a great week.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

How Many Types of “Iyana Ipaja” Do you Know About?

If you live in Lagos or have ever visited the city you must be familiar with the Iyana Ipaja Area. Every now and then you see a “danfo bus” with a conductor shouting out names of destinations. danfo-bus

And you better pay attention before boarding a bus lest you find yourself en route to a wrong destination ….hee hee…in Lagos?!! That is preparing to enter “go slow”, or if you prefer traffic jam. Then it will take you forever before you finally take a u-turn that will get you to your desired destination.

So back to this Iyana Ipaja matter. How many types of “Iyana Ipaja” do you know of ? Answer…

Let me help you out. I and two of my colleagues at work went to do an interview with a senior citizen whom we wanted to feature on our radio program – “Ike Agba(Care of the elderly). After our very informative and interesting chat with Pa Segun Ajibade, he took us on a tour around his compound where all kinds of vegetables and fruit plants could be found. We got a lesson on different vegetables and their health benefit. Trust that when you start a conversation with an elderly person you are going to get a history lesson. You’ll hear stories of their childhood escapades, government wahala and in 197…
And you can’t rush them o…just patiently listen. It’s your history lesson day…Lol

Patiently listen to an elder’s seemingly rant for there you get a rich wealth of wisdom and learn lessons of life you can never buy with money.

So here we were learning from Pa Ajibade about the different kinds of vegetable you can cook together to make a rich healthy meal. Out came the name of this vegetable plant….


Pa Ajibade called it the “Iyana Ipaja” Vegetable. I said Iyana Ipaja?! Hehehe…(Laughing) Lagos Iyana Ipaja has a namesake vegetable plant!! It was really funny and exciting for me. So out came my phone camera, I just had to take this picture and share it with you all.

Iyana Ipaja Area in Lagos during a rainy season.


I did a little research to find out more about the Iyana Ipaja Vegetable. Here are a few things I found out:

This vegetable is also known as cnidoscolus chayamansa and is useful for treatment of anemia and alcohol-related diseases. It helps to increase the life span of red blood cells and in some quarters it is referred to as a “blood tonic”.

Other names for the Iyana Ipaja vegetable include tree spinach, efo Jerusalem(Yoruba). Research shows that it can be effective in serving as a sedative therefore useful in helping to cure insomnia.

Just in case you want to get to Iyana Ipaja Area in Lagos, here is a 2016  Google Map to help you find your way:


Enjoy your Weekend!!!

Photo Credit: Jumia Travel, Nairaland,

Adebisi Adetunji(C)

What are you Grateful for? Happy Thanksgiving

Lately I have been kicking myself mentally for not been able to post all the great stories in my head and heart. My plate of work and deadlines is full but hey… It’s a good thing right?

So I am grateful for the gift of work
I am grateful for the gift of family
Grateful for friends like you
Grateful that my fingers can still type these lines I am dropping
I am grateful for the gift of life and health

Grateful for the gift of having dreams
Grateful for the opportunity to hope for a better future
Most importantly grateful for this moment

I leave you with this: it doesn’t matter where you are at in life… How bad life has bashed you… Hey I am grateful that you are reading this post. Get ready for a sunny bright day as you raise your heart in thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving
Loads of love from me.
Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Building Confidence in your Girl/Child

Tell her you love her
Hug her/him often
Don’t shut her up when she asks so many questions

Tell her she is beautiful, gorgeous and unique
Celebrate her uniqueness     ololade
Spend time together doing silly things
Be her friend and listen to her stories

Never make fun of what is important to her even when it sounds silly.
Believe in her , you can never over do it telling her how special she is

Let her know that it is ok to sometimes fail
Let her know that life can sometimes be tough but she has what it takes to conquer

Let her know that she is not less special just because others say or think so
Tell her she can do anything she sets her heart to do
Let her know that she can be anything she dreams of being.


Tell her often that the world is waiting for her to make a difference.
Let her know that she is fearfully and wonderfully made.

Adebisi Adetunji(C)

Meet and Greet: 11/12/16

Always fun to meet new bloggers plus you get to grow readers of your blog. So hop in and have some fun at Dray’s meet and greet forum.

Dream Big, Dream Often


It’s the Meet and Greet weekend everyone!!    

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See ya on Monday!!

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Leadership is a Privilege: Open Letter to President Elect, Trump


It is not every day that i get to write to another country’s  president elect. Sounds like it is really none of my business but then again we are all connected somehow as humans no matter what continent we are from. So what happens on the other side of the divide can end up affecting me and everyone else postively or negatively. Case in point … Syria

So Indulge me ,Mr. Trump if i seem to make America’s leadership my business. I’d like to say a few words that i hope eventually gets to you. My own little way of lending my voice to having a better world for everyone hopefully.

A long time ago a poor orphaned slave girl became a wife to the most powerful leader in the world. Many women surpassed her in beauty and knowledge so she was far from been qualified. But as fate would have it the king chose her; it was her time and chance. She did not understand why she was the prefered choice of the king but soon enough an event tested her.
Her people faced annihilation from someone who hated them so badly. This orphan girl understood her assignment, she was ready to lay down her life for her people…Not holding tight to the privileged position pretending that it wasn’t her business.

This story sounds familiar? It is the story of a one time persian kingdom queen…Esther was her name.

Point of this story…There is a reason why you were chosen in spite of all that people thought and said about you…Time and chance has just happened for you.

I’d like to ask Mr. Trump a few questions:
All over the world people have concerns about what you will do with this privileged position that has just been handed to you.

Would you be fair and just?
Will your umbrella lovingly cover the less privileged in your country and around the world or will it go smashing on everyone’s head ?

Will you make wise decisions not based on how you feel but on what is best for your country and All?

Mr. Trump I am not an American but i believe you hold one of the “most powerful leadership postion known to the world today” for a reason beyond yourself. So I’d humbly say do not hold lightly the office you now occupy.
You now have the power to make the world a better place … then America can truly become greater.

Again I say…what are you going to do with this rare opportunity and privilege? The Ball is now in your Court.

Remember that what you do with it will go a long way to affect your generation yet unborn and the rest of the world negatively or positively.

Photo Credit: PeteLinforth

Yours sincerly from the other end of the world,

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Winning & Losing – Lessons from US Election

us-electionHmmmn, so much has been said about the US elections. I’d say it was one election that we followed closely in my family. There was always one scandal breaking at any given time.
Everyone had their favorite candidate and I must say that I really wanted Hilary Clinton to win. Well, for one thing, she is a woman, so it would have been nice to have her represent us the women folk.
I felt terrible that she didn’t win but i did take away a few lesson i would like to share

* Whether things turn out the way you want or not- there is always a lesson to take away from an experience. So don’t be too gloomy to miss out on the take away lesson that will eventually make you a better person.
* You can lose gallantly. Attitude is everything even when it is painful. Sure losing is painful just like it was for Hilary and all of us who wanted her to win but i must say that i admire her response to the matter at least on camera. I mean she is human as well… Her receding speech sent a strong mesage to me:
…This is painful and it will be for a long time. But I want you to remember this: Our campaign was never about one person or even on election…it was about about a country we love.

And I love this one:

…To all the little girls who  are watching this, never doubt that you a valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your dreams.

Sometimes you win even when you lose- Attitude is key

This Bible verse comes to mind: I have seen something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong… Time and chance happens to them all. Ecclesiastes 9:11

So sometimes the “Unqualified” according to human existing standards get to occupy a position.

The lessons:
* Never underestimate anyone; never write off anyone.
* Don’t hang your nose looking down on others
* When you do win remember that it doesn’t end with winning. What you do with your win is what would matter most in time.
* Winning means – so much more is required of you.
* Winning is an opportunity. What you do with the opportunity is much more important than the title or position.

Don’t be too gloomy to miss out on the take away lesson that will eventually make you a better person.

Photo Credit: PeteLinforth

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Why would a Bride do this…?

bride-veil-2Martha (not real name) fell in love with a young man, John (not real name). They both had just graduated from school. Everyone loved the couple; it felt like a relation made in heaven. Their love blossomed and soon talks about marriage popped up. Martha and her fiancé decided to tie the knot and their families began the wedding preparation in earnest. Everyone looked forward to a memorable day.
It was a bright and sunny morning. Jubilation was in the air. The wedding guests who had come from the community and nearby cities bustled with laughter and jesting filled the atmosphere. Other young ladies were teased to hurry and invite them for their own celebration.

The groom was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to take the vows with the love of his life. He waited at the altar smiling and waiting to catch a glimpse of his beautiful bride in her cutely sewn wedding gown. A gloomy face emerged and ran to the altar towards the groom… everyone wondered, the news soon filtered around, “Martha, the bride to be had run away”.

It looked like a scene from the movie, “Runaway Bride”, as I listened to this story but no it was a true life‘s experience.

Why did Martha run on the day she had looked forward to all her life? She ran because she couldn’t face John. She had a secret… “Her vagina was covered with keloid. Martha is one of many girls who gets cut on their vagina when they attain puberty. The flesh around her vagina had been cut and it formed a big scared tissue. She was ashamed, she was afraid to let John see that ugly overgrown scared tissue, now formed keloid on her vagina.

What this means for Martha/How Keloid in the vagina can affect a person’s wellbeing and life:

  • Scar  which grows excessively into Keloid tissue can be embarrassing to the individual; create uneasiness.
  • Affects the person psychologically as she might feel less beautiful about herself.
  • Keloid tissue scar makes the skin around the area it occupies less elastic which can affect certain nerves causing pain.
  • Martha is likely to experience itching and  pain during urination, menstrual flow and sex.
  • Would her husband/partner be willing to accept her as she is. He might be turned off sexually and this will not do their relationship any good.
  • She might need a cosmetic surgery and the process of treating Keloid might be a long journey. That is the swollen tissue every clears completely.

This is one of the heartbreaking stories i came away with from a radio drama script writing workshop on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) organized by Unicef in partnership with the Ministry of information Nigeria. It was an eye-opening experience.

You know sometimes we think that we know so much about a subject or issue simply because it’s a familiar subject. I am very familiar with and have lend my voice to creating awareness about the effect of female circumcision known as female genital mutilation /cutting in the past. But statistics and real life stories told by facilitators and other participants showed that the consequences of female genitalmutilation/cutting is far deeper and grave than i thought.

One thing is clear that a lot still needs to be done about changing perceptions and achieving behavioral change towards the practice of Female genital mutilation/cutting.

Many women and families suffer great consequences long after the female genitalia cutting. #EndFGM/C


Why is this tradition and practice still been upheld in many communities around the world?

Some people have replaced genital cutting with another practice and they justify it. What is the new trend?

I will be sharing more stories from FGM/C world in a series of  posts.

Photo Credit: – Wedding Veil Cathedral Thick Lace Manthila bridal veil.

Adebisi Adetunji(C)