Leadership is a Privilege: Open Letter to President Elect, Trump


It is not every day that i get to write to another country’s  president elect. Sounds like it is really none of my business but then again we are all connected somehow as humans no matter what continent we are from. So what happens on the other side of the divide can end up affecting me and everyone else postively or negatively. Case in point … Syria

So Indulge me ,Mr. Trump if i seem to make America’s leadership my business. I’d like to say a few words that i hope eventually gets to you. My own little way of lending my voice to having a better world for everyone hopefully.

A long time ago a poor orphaned slave girl became a wife to the most powerful leader in the world. Many women surpassed her in beauty and knowledge so she was far from been qualified. But as fate would have it the king chose her; it was her time and chance. She did not understand why she was the prefered choice of the king but soon enough an event tested her.
Her people faced annihilation from someone who hated them so badly. This orphan girl understood her assignment, she was ready to lay down her life for her people…Not holding tight to the privileged position pretending that it wasn’t her business.

This story sounds familiar? It is the story of a one time persian kingdom queen…Esther was her name.

Point of this story…There is a reason why you were chosen in spite of all that people thought and said about you…Time and chance has just happened for you.

I’d like to ask Mr. Trump a few questions:
All over the world people have concerns about what you will do with this privileged position that has just been handed to you.

Would you be fair and just?
Will your umbrella lovingly cover the less privileged in your country and around the world or will it go smashing on everyone’s head ?

Will you make wise decisions not based on how you feel but on what is best for your country and All?

Mr. Trump I am not an American but i believe you hold one of the “most powerful leadership postion known to the world today” for a reason beyond yourself. So I’d humbly say do not hold lightly the office you now occupy.
You now have the power to make the world a better place … then America can truly become greater.

Again I say…what are you going to do with this rare opportunity and privilege? The Ball is now in your Court.

Remember that what you do with it will go a long way to affect your generation yet unborn and the rest of the world negatively or positively.

Photo Credit: PeteLinforth

Yours sincerly from the other end of the world,

Adebisi Adetunji (C)


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