Fibi- Pregnant but must go Through a Rite

Fibi was eight months pregnant. It was time for the rite to be performed. She dreaded it but it must be done. Everything was set for the celebration. Her entire family was not going to be quiet about it…they wanted to show her off. Their eight months pregnant daughter must go the way of other women in their community.

The day finally arrived  and the circumciser was ready with her tools.


Fibi’s screams could be heard miles away as she was cut. Dancing and celebration filled the atmosphere, Fibi had made them all proud. Her unborn child can now safely pass through the birth canal without fear of been touched by the forbidden clitoris.  The community’s belief is that it would cause the baby’s death. 

But Fibi started to bleed. She was later rushed to the hospital. No one was sure mother and baby would pull through.

Another case of female genital mutilation and cutting only this one endangers pregnant women as their culture demands that they get circumcised at 8months into conception.

As a mother I know what it is like going through Labour pains. Already without been circumcised, the  birth experience for any mother can come with a number of  complications so why increase the risk.  I have undergone surgery at the hospital during the birth of my first baby due to excessive bleeding. My  vagina was also cut (not circumcision) by my doctor as my second baby found her way into the world. She was a big baby. The after effect of these cuts is best imagined.

Why should a woman be circumcised one month to the delivery of her baby? This is simply a double torture.

As to the believe that the baby can die if the mother is not circumcised before birth… This is not TRUE. I am a living proof and so are many other mothers who were not circumcised and had healthy and living babies.

Please help spread the word:

Female Circumcision /genital mutilation and cutting has no medical, physical or Spiritual benefits.

Instead many girls /women struggle on with the negative effects years after it had been done. That is if they live to tell their stories.

Female genital mutilation and cutting is a known cause of prolonged Labour as the scared birth canal might be too narrow for the baby to pass through. It simply puts mother and child at risk.


Photo Credit : Unicef

Adebisi Adetunji (C)


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