A Chicken filled Christmas …. Lots of Love to YOU

It’s just a few hours to Christmas day.
.. Yahi… Feels good! My family and I woke up to have a chicken filled day. Guess what?! We only bought one and got phone calls of chicken gifts.
I was thinking of all the stress of killing (in Nigeria we get to sort our chickens at home) and preparing the chickens because I have had a long week of hard work recording a serial drama on Female genital mutilation and cutting.

Lucky me my dear husband offered to take the live chickens to the market to pay someone to take care of killing and packaging. A big relief but soon I got another call… Another chicken arrived at our door steps!! I screamed… Seriously I should be grateful for the blessing of chickens… But all I could think of was all the work involved in preparing them.
This was number four chicken! Whew… OK I decided to spread the love by passing the chicken unto someone…. Haaaaa…. Escape root!


Enough of my ranting… If you happen to be in the neighborhood please drop by for a piece of chicken this Christmas!! After all there is love in sharing….wink*

Love you… Have a blessed Christmas. May your joy be full and may God’s Love fill your home and life.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

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