Dear Diary…A Hostel Riot… TBEE Writes #8


I didn’t sleep well last night. It had a nightmare…I couldn’t get the face of that injured girl walking down the hall looking bedeviled and shocked out of my head. There was so much chaos as angry girls from my hostel shoved the other girl around. Some were hitting her while the security and potters tried to protect her. This was the scene I met after taking a walk with DT, my boyfriend.

The incidence that led to the mob of angry girls going on a rampage at the hostel was a case of, “two fighting”. Nothing we haven’t heard or seen before in this girl’s hostel. They were both roommates, who argued over whose turn it is to clean the room; who used the other person’s bucket filled with water. On our campus wisdom demands that one fetches water in a few bucket and containers for keeps as water supply can just be cut off anytime. So using another person’s water without permission was usually a cause big fight between roommates in our hostel.

So these two girls I’m told are jealous of each other. They had something they were beefing, each other about and it had been going on for a while so I am told.
But what could they possibly be beefing each other that one person ended up burning the other’s arm with a hot Iron deliberately o! The perpetrator actually aimed for her roommates face only that one blocked it with her arms in reflex action. Like I was there when it happened…well that was the gist I heard. It was the victim’s screams that got girls out of their rooms. When they saw the wounded girl and marks of electric Iron on her skin they were enraged!

Harsh words flew all over the place like missiles, “You are a witch”! “Mean bit…”, “wickedness of the highest order” and so on and so forth. We were tending towards a riot. I held my hands to my chest in great fear worried about how this might turn out. It took a while before things calmed down. Meanwhile, both girls were escorted out of the hostel; one was taken to the school clinic and the other to the security post. Wonders shall never end what in the world could have made someone burn the skin of a fellow human being with hot Iron?!!!

I didn’t sleep for a long time after I got to back to my room and when I did it was a troubled sleep. This morning my alarm went off waking me up rudely…I stretched my hand without opening my still sleepy eyes and slammed the button. It seemed like the alarm clock was determined to stampede me out of bed as it kept ringing. My patience ran out and I didn’t know when I pushed it over the table…a big crash… alas it was shattered. “Oh…my faithful alarm”, now I have to get another one.  I was wide awake. On top up of my hurried morning and other chores, I have to clean up my mess. Ouch! I stepped on a piece of glass from my broken alarm. And that was how my day started on a grumpy note.

Lectures went well but too many assignments to submit tomorrow. (Yawns) This sleep will have to wait awhile…Two assignments to be submitted tomorrow. (Phone rings) DT darling calling…oh this my bobo…I don’t have time for long gists tonight…but I need something pleasant…to possibly wipe off yesterday’s horror at the hostel. I must tell DT what happened…hehehe see who doesn’t want a long gist…Goodnight dear diary.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Happy Sunday… How to have a Happy Start on Monday

Here is wishing you a peaceful Sunday
But you’ve got to prepare for a new week.

A quick reminder of things to do :
* My daughter or son will suddenly remember that their agricultural teacher asked them to plant a corn and I or their dad will just be hearing about it Sunday night while trying to relax in front of the TV! So to prevent this dramatic surprise make sure your kids have done their homework. They know how to leave this undone until Sunday night or early Monday morning. This will put you all in a cranky mode at the start of your week. Ask… Ask them… Check their note books to be sure.


* All school uniforms or dress to be worn to school needs to be clean and ironed.

* Be sure that their socks and underwears are clean. Don’t imagine that they are… Many socks get left in school bags only to be discovered on Sunday night!

* Plan for breakfast meal for the first day of school at least if you don’t like a whole week’s timetable. And plan for lunch school take away.

* Don’t be tempted to only plan for your children… Plan for yourself too. Sort your cloths for the week too. Iron… Iron so you don’t go looking scruffy to the office.

* Remember to pack your bag. Pack your ID card, credit card, key card… All the cards… You know what I mean. You know women change bags to match their outfit each time. It can be so annoying to find out that your driver’s license is in the hand bag you used yesterday just when Road safety or patrol police stop you while driving through town.

* If you can make a list of what needs to get done on Monday… Office stuff and home chores.

Now how in heavens name is one suppose to enjoy a peaceful Sunday with all these?!!
Yaayi… Life must go on but take time out to still relax. Have a great Monday and start of the week.img_20170129_124752

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Funny & Weird things I heard today

img_20170118_062735I was watching a sitcom titled Dogood. A restaurant.. Lady servers where on strike because the work load was too much. On return here is one of their condition for continuing to work : “We must Collide to do the work”.
How will you they get anything done if they collide… 😎😎
And they want to be entitled to three square meal per day with “2 Triangle meat on top of their food!🐙.

A TV comedy Show : A customer ordered : I want cow leg –
Waiter: Does my leg look like cow leg…? 😒😒

In a court… Woman says the court should allow her rape her violator back to get justice!!?

On Facebook a friend joked about a new dangerous snake that had just been discovered. Nothing can kill it except it bites itself… Guess what?! It is the snake in your Nokia phone!! 🐶🐶😂


Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Yaayi…You’ve Got to SEE THIS MOVIE – HIDDEN FIGURES: Three Brilliant Women who made Landing in Space Possible!! My Take Away from Watching

In Nigeria when you hear the phrase “Take Away”, it majorly refers to party extra food packs. When a party is darn good and great guests get to take extra food home; that is after loading their tummies with the treat already served. I love those kinds of parties. As a wife and mother my take away food will serve as dinner for everyone in my family. That’s a no cooking evening…Lol

20th Century Fox

Let me now get down to My Take Away from the movie, “Hidden Figures” an inspiring story of Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson. These three women worked at NASA and worked tirelessly using the skills to get Astronaut John Glenn into the orbit and their work was instrumental in landing man on the moon!!! Yaayi…I am so excited!
Hidden Figures is a biographical movie based on a non-fiction book by Margot Lee Shetterly and directed by Theodore Melfi.

Their story sounds fantastic but you must watch the movie to see how these women under adversity, discrimination, family and societal pressure made history in the world of science.
Hidden Figures left me inspired, fired up and ready to go! Every young girl, woman, man and boys, the whole family need to see it.

Here is a few of my Take Away from the Hidden figures:
• Adversity is a springboard
• Never let your gender or background limit you…You can be so much more
• Look ahead…keep developing yourself and stepping up in order to remain relevant
• As a leader acknowledge and let the geniuses in your team shine, then you all will become geniuses
• Sometimes you have to endure but there comes a time when you must speak up and demand to be heard/taken seriously
• Keep dreaming never give up
• Wait patiently your gift will find you out
• Those who scorned you or refuse to give you a place in the front seat will soon be serving you as you show them that you know what you are doing with your skills
• Three women from a humble background at a time when racism was high made landing on space possible.

Girl…it is possible…the world is waiting for you.

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox

Adebisi Adetunji©

Dear Diary…An Abnormal day…TBEE Writes #7

jotterI am so glad that I can get to sit down and write my thoughts about the day finally. The day was a mixed bag of normal and abnormal or should I say eventful and steadiness. Lectures went well with no drama from any of our lecturers. As a matter of fact, Professor Mark did not show up for his 2 hours class. In the midst of my noisy fellow course mate who had a great time catching up on old gist. I found the period to be a share waste of time I could have used in achieving something tangle. It is not like I didn’t join in, in the chats but I couldn’t help but feel guilty about not using my time to peruse through some of our ever piling lecture notes. Hmmm, exams are just around the corner. We all mimicked Professor’s mannerism of using the words, “open your minds, young people, this is simple”. LMAO…story…story…

How are students supposed to grasp anything tangible when a lecturer won’t come to class as scheduled for the semester and when the exam season comes knocking he’ll fix marathon lectures seven days a week. Such is the case with Professor Mark…some guys in class even said we would boycott his lectures if he dares fix one those ones that start 5 pm and runs through until 9 pm. I am waiting to see if this resolve and plan works out. Why did we sit in the hall for two hours waiting for our dear Prof? To forestall any surprises…Our dear Prof sometimes shows up 15 minutes to the end of a lecture time and simply take attendance…seriously who does that? Very annoying.

Thankfully other lecturers made it to class and we soon forgot about Professor Mark while taking notes. It was a great relieve to get back to my room, alone at last. I am so lucky my room- mate decided to move in with her boyfriend off campus. She pops in once in a while on days he annoys her. I wonder how things are working out between them… She does all the cooking, washing and cleaning for the guy…chei and they are both students on this campus Oh! I hope her education isn’t suffering for the services she renders ……well whatever!

My dear DT came by this evening and we spent a little time together. Yes, I decided to forgive him for the incidence at the joint. I mean he had pleaded with me enough and my friends think I am playing hard to get even though I didn’t tell them the whole story. Well, I don’t want to “shakara” so much that I lose him to another girl. Don’t blame me… A girl has a right to want to keep her man. And oh I have missed him so much…DT has a very good sense of humor so there was a lot to laugh about.

It would have been a perfect evening if I didn’t find myself in the middle of angry girls as I was coming back from seeing DT off. There was serious trouble happening live in our female hostel. I thought that I was watching a movie…

Dear Diary, I am too upset to talk about this now, tomorrow is another day. Goodnight.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Empty Nest Syndrome : Coping as an Elderly Person

The empty nest syndrome is something every aging individual must be faced with. We forget in our struggles to provide for our children that they would one day start their own lives leaving home.

Yes, children should pay attention to visiting, calling and caring for their aging parents but more often than not it is not as frequent as one would like. And so many elderly persons find themselves lonely after retirement; after children have left home and life seems to just take a slow pace.

How can an older person deal with loneliness? How can an older person still enjoy life after retirement and children are gone from home?

1) Get a hobby: Time to start doing something about that hobby. My father loved rearing poultry birds while we were still in school those days. It wasn’t a question of space, he just found a way around it. One time his chickens were in a wooden made house under the stairs that went up to our own flat. I mean we had other neighbors. The chickens were not for sale but we enjoyed them as protein in our meals. Now that he is retired, he keeps busy raising chickens, turkey, ducks and every kind of bird that simply catches his fancy. No dull day for him at 70+ as he wakes up to the sound of his hungry birds every morning. View Original Post

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Dear Diary…My Rage and Embarrassment…TBEE Writes #5

jotterDear Diary, remember where I stopped yesterday. Hun…hun my saga with DT, my boyfriend at the school chapel. Well, this is how it all went down after the service.  I had planned to find an escape route through one of the many entrances and simply disappear in the midst of the rushing worshippers, lecturers and students alike. Unfortunately for me, DT grabbed my hand closest to him and I didn’t want to embarrass myself as we all filed out. “This guy think say him get sense…we’ll see when we get out the door”.

Outside I snatched my hands out of his hold. “Babe, don’t be like that”,  DT pleaded in a quiet baritone voice. No one would suspect what he was capable of. “Please let me pass”,  I said as he stood like a stone wall in front of me. In my thoughts, I screamed, “this guy is bent on embarrassing me all the way”. DT asked if he could drop me off at my hostel and my eyes just did the talking…saying No way!

Frustrated he muttered through his teeth, “I said I was sorry”. Yes, he had apologized over and over again…so much that I had stop counting.

Dear diary, it’s not like I am enjoying being difficult but every time I looked at him I just remember that night. Okay let me explain the crux of our fight. The other night like a week ago now, DT took me out on a date. We went to a pepper soup nice joint. Fresh fish and Isi ewu was our treat after which we planned to dance until we eased off the day’s tension. So here we were at our table for two, DT loves to play the gentle guy with some cash to spoil his babe. He comes from a comfortable home, with a car to himself. Girls like me enjoyed having a “tush” guy with a cool ride on campus. Of course I was the envy of some other girls. He would open the door of his car for me; pull up a chair and made sure that I was seated before sitting down himself at the table.

So here I was feeling so special and loved as my DT took charge of things. I was excited and giggled. One of the waiters came by to ask for our order. Trust me when it comes to food, I am never shy and I don’t pretend. So I asked for “Isi ewu” pepper soup and a cold bottle of Malt drink. peppersoup-goat-meat

DT ordered for fresh fish pepper soup and a bottle of beer.

cat-fish-pepper-soupHe still hasn’t been able to convince me to try drinking beer. I am curious about it and want to but what would my dear clergy father say. He won’t even dream of finding me here. I mean I should be dating a fine Christian boy …well DT goes to church sometimes.

Back to our date matter, we were chatting and flirting at the same time while waiting for the waiter to serve our ordered treats. She came shortly with our steaming hot pepper soups. DT’s treat landed on the table safely but I really can’t say what happened, somehow myisi ewu pepper soup spilled on my lap and mine…it was painfully hot! My skin burned and I felt the sharp pain somewhere in my “Medulla oblongata”.  What happened next left me bewildered. DT slapped the lady across her face and she went sprawling on the floor. “You didn’t have to do that”! I screamed. But DT was uncontrollable; he started kicking her on the floor. By now the whole joint was in up roar. By then I had forgotten that my skin burned as I kept begging DT to stop. Thankfully some hefty guys grabbed him and bundled him out of the place. The poor girl, I kept apologizing while she sat down on the dirty floor crying. I didn’t know which one I felt more, rage or embarrassment.

I refused to ride with him in his car that night. I decided to take an okada to take me straight back to campus. Imagine at midnight! If anything bad had happened to me what would my poor parents who sent to school do? The risks we sometimes take for love, I seriously don’t understand.
So here were at the car park in front of the school chapel with DT trying to explain himself, begging me to please forgive him. I looked at him in the eye and thought to myself, “if he could treat a stranger like that what about me? Dear diary did he really loved me that much that he couldn’t stand me suffering? Should I forgive him? He seemed sober…hmmm I am caught in between my feelings and my rage towards him.

Credits: Nigerian Foods


Isi ewu – Goat Head sliced to make pepper soup

This guy think say him get sense – Guy trying play smart

Medulla Oblongata -Part of the brain that joins the spinal  cord and controlls involuntary actions.

Tush – Slang for being trendy and stylish

Okada -A motorcycle taxi in Nigeria

Adebisi Adetunji(C)

My unsolicited advice to beginning bloggers

“Better Blogging” by Milae. I really enjoyed reading this useful post. Down to earth and great blogging tips. Check it out and see what you can take away from it. Cheers!!

Lifexperiment Blog

Hi there, and thanks for stopping by to scan my unsolicited advice for beginning bloggers post! Now, I am well aware that this post is a bit of a risk. I am not a professional blogger, and I absolutely do not claim to have a plethora of knowledge on the subject. I definitely don’t want to come across as saying ‘blog like me’. The reason I felt compelled to write this post (and am a bit nervous as to how this will be perceived) is that, well, honestly, I’m big on  etiquette. As in – saying ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’, ‘May I’ and telling someone when they have something in their teeth. I’ve spent a lot of time cringing at posts with something in their teeth. Although I’m sure that there are plenty of people out there who cringe at some of my posts with the same vigor.

As a…

View original post 1,902 more words

Personal Story: What you Stand to Gain from that Extra Work your Boss gives

women-workEight years ago on the corridor my boss handed me a bulky script to work on and produce on the station’s radio drama serial- Tales of life. I took a deep breath, collected the script and wondered how i was going to manage producing it in the midst of my many already scheduled weekly recording.

When I finally settled down to read through the script UFIALA…I was drawn in. It was such a rich story that focused on something I am passionate about. Women and girls.

The story is about a rapist on the loose in a community. Young girls preparing for marriage are afraid to go the village stream alone or anywhere else for that matter. This rapist even raped  married women. One in particular called Chika committed suicide because her in-laws blamed her for the incidence and believed that she had brought a curse on their family. That is where the story begins…

I enjoyed reading through the story but it wasn’t ready and perfect for recording yet. It needed to be rewritten and mechanized to fit into a radio drama. Nobody was going to pay for this!!… I thought to myself but…

When your boss gives you an assignment you better do it.

Now you can decide to do it really well or just do it for the sake of doing it.

Well I decided to give it my best shot. It was a lot of work rewritting and even adding some scenes; auditioning for casts; studio recording and editing. The other thing that was a bit stressful was getting a praise singer for the king’s court. And guess what…It was a story set in an Igbo cultural environment.

You have no idea what this meant to me…I was in Yoruba land, the south west Nigeria. So I contacted my Igbo brother, Emeka Darlyton who got me someone to do it…I can’t remember paying the artist but I did have to give him transportation fee. All these for a story authored by someone I didn’t know from Adam and I wasn’t getting paid for the extra work done.

When the story Ufiala did hit the airwaves it was a great success. It went on to be broadcast on the Network service of Radio Nigeria, Abuja.

And In 2011, I got a phone call telling me that I had just won the award for the best producer of the year, National!! Wao…all due to my production work on the story…Ufiala!

The most rewarding part was that I got to meet the writer of the story, Tokunbo Dada after it had been produced and broadcast. Today we have become a formidable radio drama team. I call him my right hand man and brother. tokunbo


  • Whatever your hands find to do, doit with all your might and heart.
  • Opportunity comes wearing an overall, so dig into the work and enjoy the blessings of your new opportunity.
  • Always go the extra mile because it ends up giving you that extra notice that puts you ahead of your contemporaries.
  • Hard work pays
  • Be willing to work without getting paid sometimes…It is quite rewarding…Benefits of my award – A deep freezer and Cash money.
  • When your boss gives you a new assignment, not palatable…DO IT! *wink*

You can listen to the audio by clicking on the link below


Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Inspiring Quotes #1


Mercy takes action.
If you see someone with a need you can meet…
Don’t pray about it
Help them. (pastor John Hagee)

A minute of thinking is often more valuable than an hour of talk or unplanned work (John C. Maxwell)

The Truth saves you from many harmful lies. Make truth a habit. (debisiBusybee)

Adebisi Adetunji (C)