Dear Diary…TBEE Writes #1


I woke up this morning with a heavy throb in my head. It was difficult lifting myself up. Flashes of last night came flooding back to my mind. I had a fight with DT my boyfriend. It was so not palatable… I shuddered and thought to myself… “Well get over it already”!

My alarm clock goes off the 10th time. I am reminded that it was an early lecture…Psychology 202. Hmmm… if Dr. Okoro should get to the hall before a student, that spelled doom! My friend Lizzy says “the fear of Dr. Okoro is the beginning of wisdom”. This was one course I couldn’t afford to fail. So, time to get up to prepare for lectures.

My day was busy as I rushed from one lecture hall into another. My short break was all so rushed as I bite into a doughnut and gulped down my cold bottle of drink while printing an assignment that must be submitted before the end of the day.

Back in my room, I was so relieved that I survived yet another hectic day and couldn’t wait to crash on my bed. I had a quick fix dinner, thanks to eba. veg-draw-soup-with-egusi-lmps-004

I love eating eba! While gulping down my eba with egusi vegetable soup my phone rang. veggievictory

The familiar ring tone rang on for several minutes but I wouldn’t pick it determined to show DT that I can be tough if I wanted to.

DT and I have been dating now for 1 year and gosh I love him. He is gentle, calm and collected but lately, I am not sure of who he is anymore. My phone rang again; I simply just pressed a button to switch it off. A girl should enjoy her dinner in one piece.

Dear diary I must stop here. I need a warm bath and then I’ll watch a good romance movie…ok is that a good idea…? Well, I’ll decide after my shower. Tomorrow I know DT will come calling….Goodnight dear diary.


Dear Diary…TBEE Writes #2

Dear Diary…TBEE Writes #3

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Eba –  Cooked Cassava flakes with just boiled water. It is usually prepared by sprinkling cassava flakes into an already boiled water which is stared until it forms a solid paste.

Egusi – Melon soup usually cooked with vegetables

Adebisi Adetunji (C)


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