Dear Diary…TBEE Writes #2

jotterDear Diary today started out on an annoying note. Guess who came calling…? If I were a soothsayer I will have a large patronage…still joking hen. It was my sugar, DT. I stepped out of my room and walked through the corridor saying a quick good morning to a few faces I could recognize as my hostel neighbors. Some I didn’t border as I rushed on. They will as usual call me that efiwe and snob behind my back …no problem. I am used to it.
I needed to get to the library to return a book that was due before my first lecture for the day. There he was standing in the lobby waiting.   man-in-jeans

My heart did a double take as it skipped like a record. He had this smudged look on his face with his two hands in his nicely fitting black jeans and properly ironed red checker shirt. My handsome prince only right now he was far from charming me. As he walked towards me I could smell his perfume. Oh no, it was definitely messing with my brains. I was beginning to melt and then I stopped myself and decided that I still wasn’t going to make it easy for him. DT sensed that his hope of getting me to forgive him was closing again.

I walked past him and he followed me as I hurriedly walked on. Luckily a campus cab stopped in front of us as we stepped outside. I jumped in, slam the door shut and shouted, “drop please”! Yes … I wasn’t ready to listen; I might not be strong enough to hold onto my resolve.

DT managed to stay in my thought all day even while hanging out with my girls after the day’s lectures. We were all in Lizzy’s room gisting and laughing at just anything we found amusing. All the while my phone kept beeping with text messages from DT. By now my girls knew that something wasn’t right with DT and me.

Lizzy even played the role of an advocate for him, “Come on TBEE every relationship has its ups and downs”. She really tried but I replied that if she knew what he did she probably might eat up her advice.
My friends applied all the investigative tools they had in their heads but my fight with DT was a matter I didn’t want to share with even my friends. It was my business, not theirs.

Dear diary, as I lay in bed thinking of how to deal with him I really want us to come to a truce but can I really trust DT without getting hurt down the road? Ok enough about love matter…after all my parents sent me to school to study and become somebody. Tomorrow will be a good day I pray…Goodnight dear diary.


Dear Diary…TBEE Writes #1

 Credit: Man in Jeans Photo by Brien Hollowell


Efiwe A bookish student

Drop Please – Hiring a taxi/cab to take you straight to your destination for a charge.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)


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