Dear Diary…Thanksgiving Turned Sour… TBEE Writes #4

jotterThe incidence of that shootout left me watching my back and steps on campus. No more late night outs for now. Dear diary I did make good my promise to go to the school chapel for a thanksgiving. This wasn’t the type that my extended family celebrated every year where the whole family clan dressed in beautiful native attires with “geles” to make a statement and cover the views of other worshippers who get unlucky to sit behind us in the pews. Then when the Reverend beckons, we all file out to the back of the aisle and dance to the altar.
Now that I think about it, I smile, a family is important and “corporate thanksgiving” as we call it is fun!


Dear diary did my own personal silent thanksgiving at the chapel go as planned? Hmmm…It was abruptly interrupted! So this morning I got dressed wearing the “bottom of my box”(My best dress) and slipped on my 6-inch heel shoes. Next, I got my dish like hat with that lovely feather I so loved. It was a, “to match outfit”, I was in my elements with my shade of gray flowery gown and magenta pink colored hat. hat-with-feathers

I felt good and most importantly wanted to impress Baba God. I figured that my outward appearance should portray my heartfelt gratitude.

I managed to arrive at the chapel and found a seat in the last row; I was a kind of late. The hymns we sang lifted my spirit and I realized that I actually had missed singing in the church choir back home. Somewhere in between, I realized my voice was louder than it should be as two people in the row of seats in front of me turned to look at me while we were singing. Was I embarrassing myself? Who cares I thought, this was my own personal thanksgiving.

As we sat down to listen to the next Bible lesson reading, someone took the empty seat beside me. When I looked sideways to catch the face of this late comer…” see who is talking o”! Like I didn’t come late myself. Behold it was DT, my boyfriend! No way… I blinked several times while staring at him with mixed emotion while he just smiled nicely at me and whispered in my ears “hello love”. With gritting teeth I whispered as well, “are you stalking me now?”. “Just in the church to worship as you”, he said and turned to face the altar as the Pastor took the podium for the sermon.

I only heard a few lines of what the pastor said, one word stood out, though, “forgiveness”. This is so unfair, I felt guilty about my grudge with DT but I still wasn’t ready to let go. What DT did was not something I will ignore. I just couldn’t concentrate; DT’s presence spoilt my thanksgiving.

What happened after the service? What is my bone of contention with DT? (Yawns)…Dear Diary tomorrow is another day to finally write about what our issue is.


Dear Diary…A Frightening Day! TBEE Writes #3

Credit: Hat Image – Bonnie Evelyn Millinery(Pinterest)


Gele – African Headtie

Bottom of Box – Best dress in a person’s wardrobe.

To match outfit – Dressed in matching colors. Shoes, bag, dress, and  hat or head tie are colors that blend or match.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)


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