Empty Nest Syndrome : Coping as an Elderly Person

The empty nest syndrome is something every aging individual must be faced with. We forget in our struggles to provide for our children that they would one day start their own lives leaving home.

Yes, children should pay attention to visiting, calling and caring for their aging parents but more often than not it is not as frequent as one would like. And so many elderly persons find themselves lonely after retirement; after children have left home and life seems to just take a slow pace.

How can an older person deal with loneliness? How can an older person still enjoy life after retirement and children are gone from home?

1) Get a hobby: Time to start doing something about that hobby. My father loved rearing poultry birds while we were still in school those days. It wasn’t a question of space, he just found a way around it. One time his chickens were in a wooden made house under the stairs that went up to our own flat. I mean we had other neighbors. The chickens were not for sale but we enjoyed them as protein in our meals. Now that he is retired, he keeps busy raising chickens, turkey, ducks and every kind of bird that simply catches his fancy. No dull day for him at 70+ as he wakes up to the sound of his hungry birds every morning. View Original Post

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

One thought on “Empty Nest Syndrome : Coping as an Elderly Person

  1. Dear Bisi, thanks for your great article. I love the title, “Empty Nest Syndrome” how appropriate!!!
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