Dear Diary…An Abnormal day…TBEE Writes #7

jotterI am so glad that I can get to sit down and write my thoughts about the day finally. The day was a mixed bag of normal and abnormal or should I say eventful and steadiness. Lectures went well with no drama from any of our lecturers. As a matter of fact, Professor Mark did not show up for his 2 hours class. In the midst of my noisy fellow course mate who had a great time catching up on old gist. I found the period to be a share waste of time I could have used in achieving something tangle. It is not like I didn’t join in, in the chats but I couldn’t help but feel guilty about not using my time to peruse through some of our ever piling lecture notes. Hmmm, exams are just around the corner. We all mimicked Professor’s mannerism of using the words, “open your minds, young people, this is simple”. LMAO…story…story…

How are students supposed to grasp anything tangible when a lecturer won’t come to class as scheduled for the semester and when the exam season comes knocking he’ll fix marathon lectures seven days a week. Such is the case with Professor Mark…some guys in class even said we would boycott his lectures if he dares fix one those ones that start 5 pm and runs through until 9 pm. I am waiting to see if this resolve and plan works out. Why did we sit in the hall for two hours waiting for our dear Prof? To forestall any surprises…Our dear Prof sometimes shows up 15 minutes to the end of a lecture time and simply take attendance…seriously who does that? Very annoying.

Thankfully other lecturers made it to class and we soon forgot about Professor Mark while taking notes. It was a great relieve to get back to my room, alone at last. I am so lucky my room- mate decided to move in with her boyfriend off campus. She pops in once in a while on days he annoys her. I wonder how things are working out between them… She does all the cooking, washing and cleaning for the guy…chei and they are both students on this campus Oh! I hope her education isn’t suffering for the services she renders ……well whatever!

My dear DT came by this evening and we spent a little time together. Yes, I decided to forgive him for the incidence at the joint. I mean he had pleaded with me enough and my friends think I am playing hard to get even though I didn’t tell them the whole story. Well, I don’t want to “shakara” so much that I lose him to another girl. Don’t blame me… A girl has a right to want to keep her man. And oh I have missed him so much…DT has a very good sense of humor so there was a lot to laugh about.

It would have been a perfect evening if I didn’t find myself in the middle of angry girls as I was coming back from seeing DT off. There was serious trouble happening live in our female hostel. I thought that I was watching a movie…

Dear Diary, I am too upset to talk about this now, tomorrow is another day. Goodnight.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

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