Dear Diary…Thanksgiving Turned Sour… TBEE Writes #4

jotterThe incidence of that shootout left me watching my back and steps on campus. No more late night outs for now. Dear diary I did make good my promise to go to the school chapel for a thanksgiving. This wasn’t the type that my extended family celebrated every year where the whole family clan dressed in beautiful native attires with “geles” to make a statement and cover the views of other worshippers who get unlucky to sit behind us in the pews. Then when the Reverend beckons, we all file out to the back of the aisle and dance to the altar.
Now that I think about it, I smile, a family is important and “corporate thanksgiving” as we call it is fun!


Dear diary did my own personal silent thanksgiving at the chapel go as planned? Hmmm…It was abruptly interrupted! So this morning I got dressed wearing the “bottom of my box”(My best dress) and slipped on my 6-inch heel shoes. Next, I got my dish like hat with that lovely feather I so loved. It was a, “to match outfit”, I was in my elements with my shade of gray flowery gown and magenta pink colored hat. hat-with-feathers

I felt good and most importantly wanted to impress Baba God. I figured that my outward appearance should portray my heartfelt gratitude.

I managed to arrive at the chapel and found a seat in the last row; I was a kind of late. The hymns we sang lifted my spirit and I realized that I actually had missed singing in the church choir back home. Somewhere in between, I realized my voice was louder than it should be as two people in the row of seats in front of me turned to look at me while we were singing. Was I embarrassing myself? Who cares I thought, this was my own personal thanksgiving.

As we sat down to listen to the next Bible lesson reading, someone took the empty seat beside me. When I looked sideways to catch the face of this late comer…” see who is talking o”! Like I didn’t come late myself. Behold it was DT, my boyfriend! No way… I blinked several times while staring at him with mixed emotion while he just smiled nicely at me and whispered in my ears “hello love”. With gritting teeth I whispered as well, “are you stalking me now?”. “Just in the church to worship as you”, he said and turned to face the altar as the Pastor took the podium for the sermon.

I only heard a few lines of what the pastor said, one word stood out, though, “forgiveness”. This is so unfair, I felt guilty about my grudge with DT but I still wasn’t ready to let go. What DT did was not something I will ignore. I just couldn’t concentrate; DT’s presence spoilt my thanksgiving.

What happened after the service? What is my bone of contention with DT? (Yawns)…Dear Diary tomorrow is another day to finally write about what our issue is.


Dear Diary…A Frightening Day! TBEE Writes #3

Credit: Hat Image – Bonnie Evelyn Millinery(Pinterest)


Gele – African Headtie

Bottom of Box – Best dress in a person’s wardrobe.

To match outfit – Dressed in matching colors. Shoes, bag, dress, and  hat or head tie are colors that blend or match.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Dear Diary…A Frightening Day! TBEE Writes #3

jotterDear diary, this restlessness, and tensed muscles need an outlet. Write I must even if it is a few hours away from sunrise.  A frightening day it was. The day started out with a few of us standing outside the lecture hall because we were late for Dr. Okoro’s class. I didn’t it find it funny at all! This was a 4 point course. If I hadn’t been tempted to take that breakfast Lizzy offered me when I stopped by her room to see if she was ready. “Longer throat”, was my undoing. My quick morning breakfast was “Ogi” with nothing but sugar to make it go down my stomach easily… It was all I could manage. But when I got to Lizzy’s room, she was sited at her mini dining table…a school chair and desk eating a nicely made egg sauce laced with carrot, sausage, and so on that, I can’t even remember anymore but it was a mouth-watering meal. yam-and-egg-sauce

Lizzy loved cooking and experimenting with food. I wonder where she gets the time. Anyway, she was eating it with boiled yam and tea rich with beverage and milk. I didn’t even wait for her to invite me to join her. And that was what landed us in this trouble.

We both stood outside the lecture hall clinging to our bags with heavy laptops inside listening to a few of Dr. Okoro’s intellectual jargons filter unclearly our way. When one of our colleagues, Mark asked me why in the world I was late, because everyone knows that I am an early bird I gave Lizzy “the bad eye look”. “Don’t blame me o”, she responded.

As we all stood there I could only pray that an Angel will make sure that Dr. Okoro cancels any thought of giving an unplanned test. I was afraid and mentally I chided myself for not resisting Lizzy’s sumptuous breakfast. Finally, Dr. Okoro finished his lecture and we all took cover at the back side. No one wanted him to mark our faces; he had a way of not forgetting.

As soon as he was out of sight we rushed to catch up with a few classmates to collect notes and any latest information. Then we found out that the next day was going to be the almighty pre-exam test. I jumped in celebration that an angel must have worked on my prayers. I was ready to read all the 20 handouts Dr. Okoro had given us, with him there is no area of concentration.

Lizzy and some friends from class agreed that we were going to meet for a group discussion that night. First, we will spend some hours reading each before gathering to discuss. So off we went to one of the lecture halls all dressed in slacks, cardigans, and even wrapper to ward off mosquitoes. This was around 10 pm. At midnight we all gathered to help each other understand better the so much jargons our dear Dr. Okoro had put together in the name of lecture notes.

Things took a frightening turn when we began to hear gunshots. People scrambled for their notes, handouts and whatever and began to run. There was confusion, some people were saying we should wait and be sure we were not running into an ambush. My heart was in my mouth.

The gun shots could be heard getting louder…everyone knew it had to be “cult guys” attacking a rival group. Why would students who are supposed to be mapping out a great future be involved in maiming and killing one another? This campus is becoming seriously unsafe for everyone. I prayed again that my guardian angel will get us safely to our hostels.

The guys amongst us escorted us as far as they could and asked us to run when we were within sights of the entrance of the female hostel. They bravely ran in the opposite direction. Dr. Okoro’s test is the last thing on my mind right now.
Dear diary I will have to remember to do a thanksgiving at the school chapel on Sunday. It’s been a while since I last went there…


Dear Diary…TBEE Writes #2

Dear Diary…TBEE Writes #1

Credits: Yam and egg sauce – Oya Come Chop

Adebisi Adetunji(C)


royal-princessI dressed like this to the office on Friday not really thinking about the picture my appearance painted. I got a lot of delightful greetings like these:

“You look so gorgeous”, “You look like a princess”! “You look like royalty”.
A guest in the studios thought that I must be an important personality…O yes I am Important!!
Perhaps my royal roots have something to do with this aura and dressing…

Yes, my grandfather was a king for 40years in our village- Ago Iwoye- hosting the first university in Ogun State.



I want to let you know girl, woman, and lady that you are special, important and unique.
Never let anyone put you down
Never let your past put you down
Don’t allow your present circumstance or situation put you down.

And Girl God is got a big and beautiful plan for your life!!

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Pim Pim Pim! What?? Where? #Radio Drama Breaking


Pim Pim Pim literarily means, “Cut cut cut”. What is been cut? Who is cutting? Is it painful? Is it harmful?

Someone is definitely cutting something and it turns into a serious saga!!

Pim Pim Pim is the story of a princess and her twin babies. What she proposed to do is a taboo in her community. The Royal chiefs become enraged…Her father the King might lose the throne if she insists. The whole community goes agog… who is going to save the day?!

Maybe the young doctor in the community, maybe the women, maybe the youths who are protesting….ITS A SERIOUS “SAGA” OR “GBEGE” AS WE SAY IN PIDGIN LANGUAGE.

It was fun producing the story for Amuludun F.M 99.1.       I had a great team to work with.

So do you want to know what is up with the Princess, her babies, the king, and community? Tune into radio stations in these states weekly:



1. HEARTLAND FM 100.5, Owerri (Radio Nigeria)  Wed 3.45pm Imo  Pim Pim Pim English

2. ORIENT FM 94.4, Owerri (Imo Broadcasting Corporation) Fri 10.45 am Pim Pim Pim Igbo. Repeat Broadcast Tues – 7.00pm

3. UNITY FM 101.5, Abakaliki (Radio Nigeria) Ebonyi  Sun 10.30am Pim Pim Pim English. Repeat Broadcast Tues- 1.45pm

4. SALT FM 98.1, Abakaliki (Ebonyi Broadcasting Corporation) Ebonyi Sat- 11.00am Pim Pim Pim Igbo Repeat Broadcast Wed – 5.00pm


5. SPLASH FM105.5, Ibadan Oyo  Pim Pim Pim English – Sat 3pm

6 AMULUDUN FM 99.1, Moniya, Ibadan (Radio Nigeria) Oyo  Thurs 6.15pm Pim Pim Pim Yoruba

7. LIVINGSPRING FM 104.5, Osogbo (Osun State Broadcasting Corporation) Tues – 3.45pm Pim Pim Pim English

8. ORISUN FM 89.5, Osogbo (Osun State Broadcasting Corporation) Thur- 6.00pm  Pim Pim Pim Yoruba

9. EKITI RADIO FM 91.5, Ado Ekiti (Broadcasting Service of Ekiti State)   Fri 11.45am Pim Pim Pim English

10. PROGRESS FM 100.5, Ado Ekiti (Radio Nigeria) Thurs – 6.15pm Pim Pim Pim Yoruba.

Good news…The story is broadcasting in English, Yoruba and Igbo languages.

For comments, questions or inquiries call: 08173330586 OR email –

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Dear Diary…TBEE Writes #2

jotterDear Diary today started out on an annoying note. Guess who came calling…? If I were a soothsayer I will have a large patronage…still joking hen. It was my sugar, DT. I stepped out of my room and walked through the corridor saying a quick good morning to a few faces I could recognize as my hostel neighbors. Some I didn’t border as I rushed on. They will as usual call me that efiwe and snob behind my back …no problem. I am used to it.
I needed to get to the library to return a book that was due before my first lecture for the day. There he was standing in the lobby waiting.   man-in-jeans

My heart did a double take as it skipped like a record. He had this smudged look on his face with his two hands in his nicely fitting black jeans and properly ironed red checker shirt. My handsome prince only right now he was far from charming me. As he walked towards me I could smell his perfume. Oh no, it was definitely messing with my brains. I was beginning to melt and then I stopped myself and decided that I still wasn’t going to make it easy for him. DT sensed that his hope of getting me to forgive him was closing again.

I walked past him and he followed me as I hurriedly walked on. Luckily a campus cab stopped in front of us as we stepped outside. I jumped in, slam the door shut and shouted, “drop please”! Yes … I wasn’t ready to listen; I might not be strong enough to hold onto my resolve.

DT managed to stay in my thought all day even while hanging out with my girls after the day’s lectures. We were all in Lizzy’s room gisting and laughing at just anything we found amusing. All the while my phone kept beeping with text messages from DT. By now my girls knew that something wasn’t right with DT and me.

Lizzy even played the role of an advocate for him, “Come on TBEE every relationship has its ups and downs”. She really tried but I replied that if she knew what he did she probably might eat up her advice.
My friends applied all the investigative tools they had in their heads but my fight with DT was a matter I didn’t want to share with even my friends. It was my business, not theirs.

Dear diary, as I lay in bed thinking of how to deal with him I really want us to come to a truce but can I really trust DT without getting hurt down the road? Ok enough about love matter…after all my parents sent me to school to study and become somebody. Tomorrow will be a good day I pray…Goodnight dear diary.


Dear Diary…TBEE Writes #1

 Credit: Man in Jeans Photo by Brien Hollowell


Efiwe A bookish student

Drop Please – Hiring a taxi/cab to take you straight to your destination for a charge.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Dear Diary…TBEE Writes #1


I woke up this morning with a heavy throb in my head. It was difficult lifting myself up. Flashes of last night came flooding back to my mind. I had a fight with DT my boyfriend. It was so not palatable… I shuddered and thought to myself… “Well get over it already”!

My alarm clock goes off the 10th time. I am reminded that it was an early lecture…Psychology 202. Hmmm… if Dr. Okoro should get to the hall before a student, that spelled doom! My friend Lizzy says “the fear of Dr. Okoro is the beginning of wisdom”. This was one course I couldn’t afford to fail. So, time to get up to prepare for lectures.

My day was busy as I rushed from one lecture hall into another. My short break was all so rushed as I bite into a doughnut and gulped down my cold bottle of drink while printing an assignment that must be submitted before the end of the day.

Back in my room, I was so relieved that I survived yet another hectic day and couldn’t wait to crash on my bed. I had a quick fix dinner, thanks to eba. veg-draw-soup-with-egusi-lmps-004

I love eating eba! While gulping down my eba with egusi vegetable soup my phone rang. veggievictory

The familiar ring tone rang on for several minutes but I wouldn’t pick it determined to show DT that I can be tough if I wanted to.

DT and I have been dating now for 1 year and gosh I love him. He is gentle, calm and collected but lately, I am not sure of who he is anymore. My phone rang again; I simply just pressed a button to switch it off. A girl should enjoy her dinner in one piece.

Dear diary I must stop here. I need a warm bath and then I’ll watch a good romance movie…ok is that a good idea…? Well, I’ll decide after my shower. Tomorrow I know DT will come calling….Goodnight dear diary.


Dear Diary…TBEE Writes #2

Dear Diary…TBEE Writes #3

Photo credit:


Eba –  Cooked Cassava flakes with just boiled water. It is usually prepared by sprinkling cassava flakes into an already boiled water which is stared until it forms a solid paste.

Egusi – Melon soup usually cooked with vegetables

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Its a New Year, a New Beginning – Exciting so what’s Next?

Wao… 2017 is here already here up and running.
Check out all the paparazzi on social media, phone calls, text messages, whatsapp shout outs… It’s a frenzy celebration! img_20170101_120340
I am glad to be alive. I am grateful for family, friends and you all in the blogging community.

So we are here, what’s next? Personally I just have this feeling that its time to do things differently if I want a different result in so many areas of my life. The change I want to see happen will depend on what I do right from the beginning.

Alright breath easy… No pressure, take it easy and especially one day at a time. But you must start doing something about what you want to do or achieve.

Its a whole new beginning full of hope for better things to come. I’d say be focused… Be clear about what you want to do and go for it.

And hey… Things don’t have to be perfect at first just take a step, make that phone call, write that application or proposal… Just start taking your baby steps now.

I am running with the One who knows all about me and my future…

Have a fulfilling year!!

Adebisi Adetunji (C)