A Short Review of the Movie “SOLD” – Be Weary of Strangers

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At the beginning of the movie we meet a young beautiful girl, Lakshmi playing and flying her free kite while her mother struggles with the farm work for the day. Soon the viewer finds outs why her mother is working so hard. Her father is incapacitated with a paralyzed arm with two fingers cut off. He looked frustrated and takes to staying out late and coming home drunk. His poor wife who had had a tough hard day’s work tucks him into bed.
The roof of their house is leaking and Lakshmi’s mother did her best to fix it with a few straws she could gather. At night when it rains the leaking roof showed that she had not been successful in mending the roof.
Lakshmi’s mother prays hard for her family, hoping that something would happen to alleviate their suffering and turn their story around for good. Theirs was a poor struggling family. During a community festival, a woman from the city stares hard at Lakshmi. Amidst the excitement and dancing, she approaches her. She showed her, her dazzling colorful bangles and jewelry. She tells Lakshmi that the city was a beautiful place to be and that it had the magic that could change a person’s fortune. Young Lakshmi was captivated. Later she discussed going to the city with the stranger in order to work and make some money to help mend their leaking roof. Her mother said no but her father had received payment from the woman to take Lakshmi to the city.

SOLD – A thriller based on the award-winning novel by Patricia McCormick – A young girl risks everything to gain freedom. SOLD was released as a movie in 2014 . My heart was pumping hard all the way as I watched to see what becomes of Lakshmi.

My heart pumped hard all the way as I watched to see what becomes of Lakshmi.

A movie with a powerful mind boggling message that leaves you angry at man’s inhumanity to innocent children but also leaves you with relief that some girls do survive the journey through sexual exploitation. No one should have to go through what girls like Lakshmi and others went through.

The movie shows viewers happy rare moments for the girls who must service their male customers on demand. It’s a group that supports each other even though they are suspicious of one another. No one really feels safe but they make the best of the world in which they have found themselves.

SOLD is a story that treats an issue we speak about in hush…hush tone boldly.

What I find worrisome is the fact that women are the perpetrators of this evil act: Child traffickers aided by men. Those who run the show in promoting baby factories, child labor claim it is a means to an end; a means of livelihood to the detriment of these girls who are beaten, raped and forced to have sex with horrible men.

Child trafficking is simply slavery ripping children of their innocence and future.

Protect children, Protect Girls

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

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