bend-down-boutiqueHow many of us did patronize a bend down boutique…hahaha… caught you there. I did and some of those clothes are as good as brand new as we say… “Grade A”. That means clothes still with their label tags from overseas of course.

I remember going very early with my mother to the bend down boutique market while still growing up. We would wake up very early and be in the market as early as 7 a.m. My mother knew how to get the Grade A clothes. She will get a good number for us and plan to sell the others to those who would buy from her later.

When we get home we would wash our Grade A dresses, sun dry them then Iron to leave nice line “gaiters”. Hehehe …who would know that they were “Bend down boutique dresses”?

Some people while admiring our dresses would say, “hey, your dress is so beautiful, you must take me to where you bought them”. The next question will be, “how much did you buy it”? No way would I tell them that it cost N300…! Yes o, the gist is that I will mention a real boutiques shop’s price back then N3000 -Three thousand Naira…! And it is always from USA, UK, and Dubai brand…hehehe who is deceiving who?

No wahala, so long as we got to look nice in our bend down boutique dress who cares!

If you can’t afford expensive boutique clothes hey, wear your bend down jare and look prim and proper. Afterall no one need know.
Enjoy your Friday!!

Bend Down Boutique: Affordable Fairly used or factory condemned clothes. They are clothes spread on a mat or packed in bags for people to take their pick and buy from.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)


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