Dear Diary…Mom’s Tough Visit…TBEE Writes #11

jotterDear Diary I waited anxiously for mom’s arrival. Late into the afternoon, she came knocking on my door. As soon as I heard three gentle knocks that landed so softly in quick successions on my door I knew it was her. Mom knocks the same way on the door of the room I share with my sister. It was easy to quickly clear up whatever little secret thing we had going before she makes an entrance.

“Coming Mom”, I responded in a not too confident voice. When I opened the door she was nicely dressed and looking beautiful as ever in her newly retouched and set hair style. I curtsied like a proper African child and said, “Welcome mom”. She barely smiled and stepped into my room stopping in the middle of the room inspecting it. Her eyes roamed from my bed to my kitchen corner; books lying all over the place. I knew what would come next, “TBEE, you are living in a mess! “So…sorry mom, I was going to clean it up” I said. “Really…when?” she replied.

She did not even wait for me to offer her a seat before going straight to the issue at hand. “Young lady, can you explain what exactly happened in the early hours of this morning?” “Where were you coming from”? Mom reeled out like five questions and at first, I didn’t know which to answer first. Bottom line she wanted a very good explanation for my behavior. I took a deep breath and knew that my only option was to tell her the truth and go straight to the point.

I found my voice somehow and told her that I was coming from an all-night party with the guy I was dating. Mom decided she needed to sit down before responding to what I had said. She pushed some of the clothes on the bed aside and found a space to sit down. We had a long mother and daughter conversation. The gist was a long one but I did get the message that I needed to be careful of how I am living my life now on campus because it could either mar or make my future. Changing dad’s mind about how he felt about the whole issue was still going to be a herculean task even with an understanding mom. I am hoping I can get a soft landing with her help. We both agreed that I have to come home to have a father, daughter talk.

It wasn’t like Mom just accepted things without giving me her own stern warning about this boyfriend of mine…DT she means. She asked in a round about way to find out if I had been sleeping with him to which I didn’t respond to. Then she called out my name repeatedly…“How many times did I call you”, she concluded. I said, three times mom. Hmmm… if you are not ready to have a baby, don’t go doing what brings babies”, she warned.  After she left I was still sober but my friend came visiting and there was at least something cheerful to end my day with.

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Adebisi Adetunji (C)


3 thoughts on “Dear Diary…Mom’s Tough Visit…TBEE Writes #11

  1. oh, the anxiety I can feel reading this. I mean I am way, waaaaay past the age of “exploring” shall I say all young lifes roads/temptations but I can still feel those nervous butterflies when reading this. Great writing when it stirs the emotion. God Bless!


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