Dear Diary…Entangled between three Men…TBEE Writes #12

jotterAfter Mom’s visit over the weekend, I couldn’t help but think about a few things she said. My life should not be this  complicated. As a girl raised in church certain things are expected but hey who says I can’t live my own life. I love DT but I also need to be careful. Surely Mom is not expecting me to break up with him. On the other hand, where is this relationship really headed? (Chuckles) I can’t seriously be thinking about the road down a commitment already, after all, I am still a 200Level undergraduate student.

DT seemed like he is serious about me with all the over protectiveness. He is kind of possessive and wants to protect me, something I enjoy anyway but sometimes I feel like he has his guys in my faculty watching me. Even when we go out to parties, he has these three friends who always surround me making jokes when he has to step out for a few minutes. I know that they are there to watch and protect me his babe. I pretend most times like I don’t know what is up. DT wanted to come checking on me on Sunday morning but I had to go to church.

We did catch up later in the afternoon. He was waiting for me outside the School chapel. I smiled when I saw him but wondered why he didn’t come to worship like the rest of us. He said there was a whole lot to clean up in his room…*Wink * but he had time to pick me up. We talked about the event of early Saturday morning and other things about school life.
I still have one big matter to settle, that’s my dad. I dread facing him again but I have no choice. Mom said I should wait for her call before coming home. “Hmmm, see me see wahala“.

As if my life is not already complicated something happened today that left me wondering why I wasn’t watchful. You see I am one of those students who mind my business. Oh, I have friends but I try not to get noticed by any of my lecturers. Some girls like Adaora will come to class looking like it’s a club night meeting and even sit in front chewing gum loudly. A few lecturers will ask her to stop or go out of their class. Going to a lecturer’s office was an exercise I do only when absolutely necessary o. So Peter our class governor, while trying to arrange the sheets of an assignment we had just submitted stumbled and down came all the sheets scattered all over the place. I was standing close to him and I immediately bent down to help him pick the sheets. After we managed to gather everything together he thanked me and asked if I could help him carry some of the sheets to Dr. Bosun’s office. Without thinking I offered to help and off we went to the fourth floor where Dr. Bosun’s office is located.

Peter is the dramatic guy in the class, he always had a funny joke to tell and people loved him. So it wasn’t surprising that he had something to say to make me laugh. We even joked about  Professor Mark the grammarian. Before we knew it we were already at the lecturer’s door. Peter entered first after knocking and then I followed right behind. Dr. Bosun was sited at his table looking through a journal or something with his bald head reflecting in the ray of light that shone through his window. “Good afternoon sir, here are the assignments for submission,” said Peter while I just mumbled a sort of greeting just wanting to drop the sheets on my hand and take off. As if he only heard my voice and not that of Peter, he looked at me and asked who I was. Peter said I was one of his students and a classmate. “Really, how come I don’t know you”, Dr. Bosun responded. The look in his eyes said there was more to his words. He asked for my name, what part of the country I was from, why I choose Psychology as a course and a whole lot of questions about me that were not really his business.

The more he asked the more uncomfortable I became. I kept thinking how did I get myself into this mess? The gist around class was the Dr. Bosun was a ladies man who liked to flirt with students and got his way with some, although he tries to cover his tracks well. Just when I was thinking of a way of escape Peter cleared his throat and said we had another lecture in 5 minutes time, that was how we escaped. But as we went out the door, Dr. Bosun said, “Miss TBEE nice meeting you, I’ll be seeing you in class, hen”.

When we finally closed the door behind us I gave Peter that look that said: “look what you’ve gotten me into”. He mouthed an apology in whispers. I told him just pray that Dr. Bosun doesn’t make me a target to be wooed o.

Later this evening DT, called to ask about how my day went and we didn’t say more than two sentences before he blurted out, “And who was that guy you were busy chatting and laughing with on the fourth floor of your department”? DT, he is my class governor and nothing more jealous lover, I replied. I thought it was a joke o but DT felt strongly about it so our phone conversation ended on a bad note.

On top of the stress, I am going through with my parents this guy wants to be giving me an attitude over a baseless suspicion. He is simply not serious and I cannot deal with this right now. I want a peaceful evening. Just when I was thinking of relaxing with a simple dinner and watching a movie, my phone rings. It was Peter, my class governor trying to apologize for what happened earlier in the day at Dr. Bosun’s office. I said it was not a big deal and he cracked a joke again. We laughed and I said goodnight. If DT even gets an inclination that he called, he is probably going to go bananas…I chuckled.
Ok dear diary, time to have some peace.

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Word Glossary:

See me see wahala – Look what big trouble I have gotten myself into.

Babe –  pidgin  word for the affectionate word baby

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

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