Feeling Left out this Valentine? Here is how not to.

Tim and Biola

Your friends have someone coming to give them a memorable Valentine and you don’t.

Smile, Love comes softly…
Don’t give in to the pressure of feeling Left out or lonely.

Instead of feeling unloved why don’t you step out to show some love to someone today. It could be a friend, a neighbor, your parents even. Just do something nice for someone.

Single and feeling lonely this Valentine? Come on get yourself out there and give yourself a treat. You don’t need a man to necessarily take you out.

Remember love comes softly getting a quick Valentine partner without thinking can get you in a mess after the day passes.

Come on you are loved beyond Valentine’s day.

Love comes softly and it will happen for you.

😘 Loads of love  💞 from me,
Adebisi Adetunji(C)

5 thoughts on “Feeling Left out this Valentine? Here is how not to.

  1. I agree about the big fuss and commercialized y’all were talking about, in the comments. Suppose to be about “love” and yet I see, read, and hear, and it seems to just make people feel lonely, left out, or let down(because it’s not the perfect day they thought it would be) Heartbreaking that “man” can make people feel so alone. We are never alone. Gods love and spirit lives in us. God Bless you 🙂

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