Dear Diary…Dad, Me & DT’s Jealousy …TBEE Writes #13

jotterI finally had to go home for a sleep over to see dad. I was already home waiting before dad came home from work. Mom said I should stay in my room and allow dad to finish taking his dinner then I would come out to meet with him, hopefully by then he will be in a good mood.

Immediately dad finished eating and I heard him laughing about something, I showed up in the living room and knelt down right beside him where he sat on the couch. “What is she doing here?” dad said in a raised voice. Mom pleaded on my behalf that he gives me a chance to explain myself. She added that she had already scolded me seriously and that I was now sober. Hmmm…leave that angle to me.

I had never seen dad become so angry with me like this. In my mind, I believed that he felt really disappointed in me for not holding onto the virtues of been a decent girl that we were taught at home. I can’t remember all that I said but it amounted to “I am sorry sir”. “I did not forget how you raised me, sir”. I just wanted to have some harmless fun. By the time I was through, I was in tears.
Finally, dad looked at me in the eye and said, “Dear daughter I only want what is best for you”. Fun is good but if you are in the wrong company you will get into serious trouble. He then asked if I had been going to church in school. I said I had been going but did not add that it was a once in a while trip. Dad looked at me and I knew that he knew that I was lying. He took a deep breath and reminded me that he and mom worked so hard to give us the best and it was up to me to face what I was in school for. He gave me a stern warning that it should not repeat itself and that he was going to show up on my campus unannounced every now and then. I was relieved that at least for the moment he had softened up. My dad does love me but I have to be careful and I don’t want to do anything that will embarrass them again.

The next day I was back in school again after raiding the house packing all kinds of food stuff that I needed. DT, showed up at my hostel and asked where I was last night. You see I did not inform him that I will be going home to see my parents, my way of dealing with him for not believing me when I said there was nothing between me and Peter. I did not want him to make a scene outside my hostel room door so I allowed him in.

As soon as I closed the door I faced DT and said, “If you cannot trust me enough then there is no point in this relationship”. His chest moved up and down as he took quick heavy breaths. After staring at each other for about a minute or so I finally said, “I went home to see dad”. A look of relief fell on DT‘s face. “How did it go?” he asked. “Fine” I answered curtly. He knew that I was upset with him, I mean after all it was our party escapade that got me into trouble with my dad in the first place. Hun…what we do for love sometimes, I thought to myself. And here was the object of my love always having one temper tantrum or jealously over suspicious.

DT took two quick steps and held me in an embrace but I didn’t hug him back. He won’t give up as he held me even closer, finally, I had to give in. We laughed and talked. Somewhere in between our chat over a bottle of drink and chin-chin, my phone rang. I looked at the caller’s number to know who was calling, It was a call I did not want to pick.

Guess who was calling? Peter! How would I be able to pick his call just when DT and I had only managed to settle our jealous brawl? I squeezed my face and wondered why Peter was calling me again. DT read my reaction and asked who it was that was calling. I said flatly…Peter. Hmmm…”What does he want?”, in an angry tone was DT’s response. I was not ready for another argument. DT, don’t give me stress; I don’t know why he is calling? He is my class governor by the way. All these and more words came rolling out of my mouth. DT, only had this to say, “Tell him to stay away from you or else…!” What did DT mean by that statement? I honestly hope this will not result in to a fight. I would hate to have that happen because of me.

Finally, DT left and as I lay down to sleep, I am reminded to warn Peter…I don’t want any trouble o. Dear Diary my life is getting more complicated…Maybe I should ….? Well I will have to figure out how to untangle myself.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

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