Dear Diary…Drama at Our School Cafeteria …TBEE Writes #14

jotterMy day started out in an upbeat mode, rushing through one lecture hall to another. I could not wait to take my breakfast because to be late for Professor’s class was serious academic suicide. Attendance takes 30% of our total score in Psychology 205, one of my major courses. To top it all up he fixed his lecture for 6.30am. Share Wickedness in my “student mind” opinion.

At 6.15am I was already sited in class waiting for the almighty Professor. Those who missed his class or came late landed in double trouble. First it will be a minus score in their attendance and secondly, Professor decided to give us a one-page answer test. We will get one question and write a one-page narrative answer. Anything beyond the first one page will be canceled. Phew… I don’t envy my course mates who missed the test. With Professor there is no mercy.

Anyway, things were going smoothly until during our break time at the bukateria area of the school. All kinds of shops lined up this place, some selling snacks and soft drinks and some selling cooked food. Since I didn’t have time to take my breakfast I was really hungry and not in the mood for any meat-pie, doughnut or any snack for that matter. In the company of some of my friends including the class governor Peter, we choose Iya Saratu’s Buka. Only at her buka will you getAbula on Campus. She served hot Amala, gbegiri and ewedu. We all sat down and enjoyed our lunch. Although the semester was already “pregnant”, meaning we were all kind of broke at the time but Iya Saratu’s food was cheap. With N150 OR N200, one will get a good meal.

Naija Cuisine

As usual, Peter treated us to some jokes and in between swallowing our Amala we chuckled. I had to speak out that it was bad manners speaking while eating and Lizzy responded that this was not an etiquette class. While these words were still on her lips her facial expression changed and her eyes moved in the direction behind my back. It was a signal that someone I know just walked into the bukateria.

I turned and it was DT, my boyfriend. I smiled, happy to see him.  I beckoned to him to join us. Anyway, he walked towards our way and said a nice hello to everyone on the table and I did a short introduction of everyone. When I mentioned the name of Peter, DT cut me and said, “Oh so this is Peter, I have wanted to meet you in person”. “Really, I have become a superstar”, Peter responded. If only he knew why DT, wanted to meet him. I kicked myself in the head hoping and praying that DT will not make a scene. It will be so embarrassing but I guess the others at the table made him control his reaction. So instead of making a fuss, he responded with “I have heard so much about you”. Lizzy chips in, “Peter is our darling, caring and hard working class governor”. Chai… does this girl want to add fuel to an already kindling fire? The laughter of others on the table covered up for any uncomfortable words DT might have intended to say.

DT, declined the offer to sit with us at the table saying that he only came by to buy a few bottles of soft drink. I knew that was a lie but its ok by me. I mean I wouldn’t want him staring at me from a corner table right at the bukatatria. Hmmm, see me see trouble. You know I had planned on warning Peter about my boyfriend’s jealousy but seriously I changed my mind. It is embarrassing to have to do that, it is not like the poor boy asked me out or something. As for the other night, Peter only called to remind me of a group discussion we had planned with some other course mates.

DT called to see me later in the evening but thankfully he didn’t mention anything about Peter. I hope this silence will last. All in all, today was a good day. Goodnight dear diary.

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Buka/Bukataria: Local restauarant that serves local foods of a community

Abula: Yam flour solid paste served with two soups (Gbegiri & Ewedu) in a plate.

Gbegiri: Beans soup

Ewedu: A vegetable soup peculiar to the Yorubas in Southwest Nigeria.

If you want the recipee for Abula and how to prepare this delicious meal visit Naija Cuisine.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

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