Dear Diary…A Thief in the Hostel …TBEE Writes #15

jotterDear dairy today I got an alert on my phone, a delightful one. Dad sent me some money and my bank alerted me. Lizzy was standing next to me when the alert came in when she saw the smile on my face she knew what that meant. She shouted, “1O% is my own share “. I replied, “as my what?”. As your love consultant and friend, she responded. We both busted out laughing. And then Lizzy said, “seriously I am broke moi friend”!. What are friends for, I thought? I asked Lizzy to accompany me to the mini market on campus and we purchased a few things some of which I shared with her. Lizzy was all smiles and it felt good. She is someone who has shared her food stuff, cooked meals and so much more with me. It was my turn to show some love too.

We planned to do a joint cooking and decided to use the common kitchen close to Lizzy’s room. Cooking in the room has been banned since a girl’s room caught fire while using her hot Plate to cook in her room. We started to make stew and prepare plain white rice for dinner. Our girls talk centered around my boyfriend DT. I shared with Lizzy my concerns about DT’s jealousy and temper tantrum. She in her wisdom advised me to be careful and with a few words said, “Love is not by force o”! The stew was ready so while the rice boils we decided to go to Lizzy’s room and come back to check the food. pot-of-stew

In the room, our gist moved to Peter our class governor. I can’t remember which of us asked the question but it all landed on the question of who Peter’s girlfriend was. Lizzy said he was always around so many girls which made it difficult to pin him to any particular girl who might have his attention. We giggled and laughed as we tried to list the girls whom we think Peter might have eyes for. Ask me again o, “What was our business in the boys love life matter?”. Then Lizzy mentioned that Peter might not have time for girl issue yet. I asked why and she said that he seemed like the churchy type. I laughed and told Lizzy that even church guys have eyes for beautiful ladies. We laughed and giggled some more. All the while our rice was getting burnt.

Our gist was interrupted by a loud voice outside Lizzy’s room. “Who is cooking burnt offering rice o?. We both rushed out and ran to the common kitchen, too late our rice was thoroughly burnt. As if that was not enough we looked at the corner where our pot of stew was, it was gone. It was not a funny matter. Trust Lizzy she raised her voice shouting, “Thief heee…who stole my pot of stew”! Girls came rushing to the kitchen asking questions and expressing disgust for such a behavior. Others blamed us for not been sharp (meaning leaving our pot of soup). Now how were we going to find the one thief in a hostel which houses more than a hundred girls?

It was really upsetting for Lizzy and I as we had to settle for bread and sardine for dinner. If I catch that thief hen?! Remind me never to leave my food at the general kitchen ever again.

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Adebisi Adetunji(C)

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