Dear Diary…An Invitation to my Lecturer’s Office…TBEE Writes #16

Remember my stolen pot of stew…hmmm, Lizzy and I found the empty dirty pot beside the general tap area where we fetch water in the hostel. It brought back all the anger in me. The silly girl couldn’t even wash the pot after feeding on our priceless stew that we made with a lot of money. The desire to catch this thief became stronger. Lizzy and I are hatching a plan of how to catch this “senseless and wicked thief” in our female hostel. Hope we succeed.

Finding the thief gave me the energy to face my day. I went for lectures with that in mind. While gathering my notes together after our lecture with Dr. Bosun, he walked past me at my desk and casually said, “Miss TBEE see me in my office”. A confused expression on my face said, “what for?” But he didn’t wait to get any response from me. I quickly scanned the room full of students engaged in petty chats and others were rushing out to attend their next lecture. At the far extreme was our class governor Peter struggling to collect another bundle of spiral bonded assignment of students to be submitted to Dr. Bosun. “Surely Peter must know why Dr. Bosun wanted to see me”, I thought. So I went in his direction with my own assignment in hand to give to him and as well find out what was up with Dr. Bosun. I called out Peter’s name, but it took him a while to see him as he was surrounded by other students all wanting to submit their assignments at the same time. He looked exasperated and even snapped at a few fellow students.

I waited patiently until there were only about three people or so to submit mine. It was my last lecture for the day so I had all the time. As soon as we were left alone I asked, “Peter do you know why Dr. Bosun wants to see me”? I don’t know, he replied. Then it dawned on me that this might not be a course related invitation. I held my books and folder close to my chest and took deep breaths. Peter understood and said, “If he asks you for anything you are not comfortable with, you have a right to say No”! “See what you have caused now Peter, I said referring to the day he made me accompany him to Dr. Bosun’s office all in the name of submitting assignments.

Peter offered to follow me to Dr. Bosun’s office or at least to the door while he waits outside but I told him that I could handle Dr. Bosun. Then he reminded me that he still had to submit our finished assignments to Dr. Bosun’s office. And he suggested that we go to the office together which might prevent Dr. Bosun from whatever agenda he had in mind. I wasn’t feeling as brave as I sounded. The last thing I wanted was to be in the bad books of a lecturer who will want to frustrate my academic pursuit simply because I won’t date him. Dr. Bosun is known to be notorious for chasing after girls on campus. And sometimes girls who didn’t cooperate were made to carry over the course. I muttered silent prayers hoping that I was not about to be another victim because I have no intention of dating my lecturer.

We entered Dr. Bosun’s office with me helping to carry a number of bonded copies of assignments. The bald shining head was the first thing I saw before the grin on his face when he saw me. “Haa Miss TBEE, you are here already”. I didn’t even bother to answer; I just stood staring at him waiting. Peter also stood waiting but Dr. Bosun was determined to see me alone so he asked Peter if there was anything else he wanted. Peter took that as a cue and so he stepped outside.
“What does this man want with me?; I fumed on the inside while maintaining a serious look on my face. Dr. Bosun did not waste time in explaining why he had called me to his office. He simply said, “Miss TBEE I have followed your performance in my course and I can see that you are a serious student. Keep it up”. I responded, “Thank you sir” while screaming in my heart, “can I go now”.
Clearing his throat, “I like girls like you who do not waste their parent’s money”. I waited for the bomb to drop and it did in a subtle way. “Em, I have a paper presentation coming up and I will like to give you a chance of making a few bucks by going along with me as my P.A”. I stared at him in disbelieve while he added that it was an opportunity that he rarely gave to students. See me see trouble; this man must think that I am dumb. He was hitting at me with a promised opportunity as bait. Now was not the time to blurt out a No, so I simply thanked him for this “rare opportunity” and made him feel like I was looking forward to it. However, I knew I had to put a plan in place to escape this trap. How was I going to achieve this? I seriously don’t know yet.

Finally I got out of Dr. Bosun’s office and sure enough, Peter was waiting. When I told him what Dr. Bosun said, he was relieved but I was far from been relieved.

Dear Diary, I am wondering why my life is wrapped in so much drama. Well, time to rest my throbbing head. Tomorrow is another day.

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Adebisi Adetunji (C)

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