Guest Post: Wearing Different Hats on a Shoe By Adebisi Adetunji

I met Ashley from Pockets full of Love blog. She juggles school with blogging and I simply love the fact that she has it all planned out. Thanks for the privilege to share some of my thoughts on your page.



At a dinner party and awards event I attended once, the host and CEO of the organization also played the role of MC at the event. He won over the crowd. He was a natural. That night, I started to admire our host because of his willingness to play different roles. If you would like to be a jack of all trades too, here are a few pointers.

How to fit into different roles comfortably

  • Never underestimate what you can do, or who you can be. Try out a new role, and apply for a new job position. The role just might fit you well.
  • Be on time to act out your role or else someone else will take your place and possibly do it better.
  • Don’t mix up your different roles. Play and act out one role at a time, so you won’t get overwhelmed and your roles don’t…

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Shout Out to My Blogging Community and Friends

Where have I been? At the phone clinic trying to fix my Android. It hasn’t been funny and its why I haven’t been able to visit your pages and read all your juicy stories and post. It is difficult posting as well as my battery isn’t charging due to a bad charging port. Really frustrating.
I hope  my “technical doctor” can fix this problem ASAP. Miss you all.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Dear Diary…An Invitation to my Lecturer’s Office…TBEE Writes #16

Remember my stolen pot of stew…hmmm, Lizzy and I found the empty dirty pot beside the general tap area where we fetch water in the hostel. It brought back all the anger in me. The silly girl couldn’t even wash the pot after feeding on our priceless stew that we made with a lot of money. The desire to catch this thief became stronger. Lizzy and I are hatching a plan of how to catch this “senseless and wicked thief” in our female hostel. Hope we succeed.

Finding the thief gave me the energy to face my day. I went for lectures with that in mind. While gathering my notes together after our lecture with Dr. Bosun, he walked past me at my desk and casually said, “Miss TBEE see me in my office”. A confused expression on my face said, “what for?” But he didn’t wait to get any response from me. I quickly scanned the room full of students engaged in petty chats and others were rushing out to attend their next lecture. At the far extreme was our class governor Peter struggling to collect another bundle of spiral bonded assignment of students to be submitted to Dr. Bosun. “Surely Peter must know why Dr. Bosun wanted to see me”, I thought. So I went in his direction with my own assignment in hand to give to him and as well find out what was up with Dr. Bosun. I called out Peter’s name, but it took him a while to see him as he was surrounded by other students all wanting to submit their assignments at the same time. He looked exasperated and even snapped at a few fellow students.

I waited patiently until there were only about three people or so to submit mine. It was my last lecture for the day so I had all the time. As soon as we were left alone I asked, “Peter do you know why Dr. Bosun wants to see me”? I don’t know, he replied. Then it dawned on me that this might not be a course related invitation. I held my books and folder close to my chest and took deep breaths. Peter understood and said, “If he asks you for anything you are not comfortable with, you have a right to say No”! “See what you have caused now Peter, I said referring to the day he made me accompany him to Dr. Bosun’s office all in the name of submitting assignments.

Peter offered to follow me to Dr. Bosun’s office or at least to the door while he waits outside but I told him that I could handle Dr. Bosun. Then he reminded me that he still had to submit our finished assignments to Dr. Bosun’s office. And he suggested that we go to the office together which might prevent Dr. Bosun from whatever agenda he had in mind. I wasn’t feeling as brave as I sounded. The last thing I wanted was to be in the bad books of a lecturer who will want to frustrate my academic pursuit simply because I won’t date him. Dr. Bosun is known to be notorious for chasing after girls on campus. And sometimes girls who didn’t cooperate were made to carry over the course. I muttered silent prayers hoping that I was not about to be another victim because I have no intention of dating my lecturer.

We entered Dr. Bosun’s office with me helping to carry a number of bonded copies of assignments. The bald shining head was the first thing I saw before the grin on his face when he saw me. “Haa Miss TBEE, you are here already”. I didn’t even bother to answer; I just stood staring at him waiting. Peter also stood waiting but Dr. Bosun was determined to see me alone so he asked Peter if there was anything else he wanted. Peter took that as a cue and so he stepped outside.
“What does this man want with me?; I fumed on the inside while maintaining a serious look on my face. Dr. Bosun did not waste time in explaining why he had called me to his office. He simply said, “Miss TBEE I have followed your performance in my course and I can see that you are a serious student. Keep it up”. I responded, “Thank you sir” while screaming in my heart, “can I go now”.
Clearing his throat, “I like girls like you who do not waste their parent’s money”. I waited for the bomb to drop and it did in a subtle way. “Em, I have a paper presentation coming up and I will like to give you a chance of making a few bucks by going along with me as my P.A”. I stared at him in disbelieve while he added that it was an opportunity that he rarely gave to students. See me see trouble; this man must think that I am dumb. He was hitting at me with a promised opportunity as bait. Now was not the time to blurt out a No, so I simply thanked him for this “rare opportunity” and made him feel like I was looking forward to it. However, I knew I had to put a plan in place to escape this trap. How was I going to achieve this? I seriously don’t know yet.

Finally I got out of Dr. Bosun’s office and sure enough, Peter was waiting. When I told him what Dr. Bosun said, he was relieved but I was far from been relieved.

Dear Diary, I am wondering why my life is wrapped in so much drama. Well, time to rest my throbbing head. Tomorrow is another day.

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Dear Diary…A Thief in the Hostel TBEE Writes #15

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

Tuesday Inspiration – Love, Time and Death (My Short thanksgiving Letter to God)

Lying down or sitting on a couch(really can’t remember which position) in my living room while watching a movie which mirrors three important aspects of life: Love, Time and Death

Every human being has a need for love; we all need time to fulfill our dreams and our time here on earth is short whether we live to a hundred years or more.

I looked back at my life and I saw that there was so much to be grateful for.

My short letter of thanksgiving to God:
I love you Lord
Thank you for creating me
Thank you for giving me life
Thank you for holding my hands through times of pain
Thank you for assuring me in my times of uncertainty
Thank you for taking care of my fears
Thank you for putting laughter on my sister’s lips again (Lost her husband and re-married)

Thank you for all you are doing in my sibling’s lives
Thank you for the gift of love and a home
Thank you for my husband and children
Thank you for all the good people you have surrounded me with
Thank you for clearing my doubts
Thank you for wiping my tears

Thank you for the gift of laughter
Thank you for not giving up on me
Thank you for abundant opportunities to grow
Thank you for making me, me

There is so much more I am grateful for…But I bask in your unexplainable love for me dear God.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

How to be an Effective Manager and Leader

I am taking an on-line course on Future Learn Website
Here are a few tips about Management and Leadership – Growing as a Manager.ALIVE FEMALE ADDIS
How to effectively manage or Lead your team/employees
You need to be trustworthy: Your staff or team need to be able to trust you.
Communicate effectively with your employees ensuring that they understand tasks that need to be done; and what you want to achieve as an organization.
Learn to delegate effectively: Trust members of your team with a certain task but also ensure that you support them in carrying it out.
Admit bad decisions you make
Be firm when necessary(Autocratic)
Be democratic – Give room for the creativity of your team/staff to blossom. Engage them in the process of running the unit or organization.
Have an effective working relationship with those under your supervision
• Lead by example
• Ability to be able to make decisions…Managers/Leaders make decisions.


Taking Training courses is not the only way to learn

Other ways to learn:
Learn from other people’s experience by observing and talking with them.
• Read
• Use Websites
• Undertake development tasks by taking up new responsibility. Don’t shy away from taking up new assignments. You learn new things and grow.
• Seek feedback from other people.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

She is not an object

This post by Akhila really caught my attention. Girls, women, sisters, ladies you are not an object, you are a human being with purpose. You are not a sex object to live only to satisfy men… You are much more.

Words and Notion

She is not a toy for men’s pleasure. Everywhere we see protest going on against female trading. Yes, many a times, she is trapped into prostitution.

Even then, there is another side for this objectification. She herself accounts herself as an object for his satisfaction. She is treating herself as a sex object. She is stereotyped to live in that way. And rarely does she understand her own mind-trap. It’s all about interpretation.

So Girls, wake up and most importantly awaken your sisters.

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GUEST INTERVIEW: Banker Turn to An Orphanage Home Worker

Mrs. Oluwatosin Adesakin is someone I met at an orphanage home where we went on a follow-up visit concerning one of the children housed there. While chatting with her I found out that she hadn’t always been working at the orphanage home. I was curious to know her story as she is young and looked like someone who should be out there pursuing a corporate career. Gladly she obliged me but she declined to take photos. So I’ll just share a poster of the home.


Her story and that of the children she cares for touched me and I’d like to share it with you:

What Course did you study?
Oluwatosin: I studied Computer Science at Lead City University Ibadan

Work Experience
Oluwatosin: I worked with a Microfinance bank for two years then I resigned and started to work with He Careth Orphanage Home, where I had been offering my part time services. I became the Manager of the home.

It looks like you left a more lucrative job for a social services work which isn’t paying as much as you earned before. What inspired you?
Oluwatosin: The Orphanage home was started by my mother, Evangelist Kikelomo Ali. On my free days I help out at the home caring for children but soon we noticed that those hires to care for the children were not giving adequate attention to the children. They beat the children and even steal items donated by well-meaning individuals to the orphanage home. After a while, I decided to make myself available to ensure that these children are been properly cared for as I really love children.

Would you like to share a bit of your experience working as manager in this orphanage home
Oluwatosin: Taking care of children is quite challenging. We feed them, dress them up, take them to the clinic when they fall ill and also take the older ones to school every day. It requires one’s full attention.

What has made working here at the orphanage home worth all the trouble?
Oluwatosin: We get children with different background stories. Some are brought in because their mothers died at birth; others were picked in the street or taken from mothers who suffer mental illness etc.
Some of these babies are brought in here looking emaciated and sick. We work so hard to care for them and watch them blossom into healthy and happy children. This is very rewarding for me and I am happy to do it over and over again.

Case in Point:

Victoria was a baby brought in looking skinny with her bones all showing. She looked like a skeleton. Her mother was a prostitute who had her and wanted to throw Victoria into a pit latrine (toilet). Thank God she was caught before she could carry out this unthinkable act. We nursed and cared for her, praying hard that Victoria would survive. She did and today she is a big, robust and healthy baby.

David is another baby who when he came to the orphanage couldn’t walk or sit until he was 2 years. His growth had been stunted. We feed him, took him to the doctors and did all we could to help him. We also prayed hard for him and today he is able to walk, talk, sit and do everything a child should do.
These success stories keep me going on the tough days.

Personal Lesson
Oluwatosin: Working here and with the children has taught me how to be more patient.

How is this home funded
Oluwatosin: People donate money; give material things, food stuff, beverages and so on. Mostly my mother put in her own money to keep the home going.

He Careth Orphanage Home is located at N0 47 Ajagboju, General Gas, Akobo Ibadan.

Support a Child

If you wish to support or donate to this orphanage home you can reach them on +2348033858451, +2348072802227 Or simply send your cash donations to:

Field Mission Evangelical Ministeries

Wema Bank – 0120431403
I hope to do more personally. Little drops of water can make a whole lot of difference. Give a child hope today. Thank You.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)