The In-between of Our Lives

While surfing through and visiting blogs to read new posts I came by this interesting post by Folakemi – “Children as retirement Plan”.

Fola shares the story of an 85 year old woman whose children seem to have abandoned. She has 5 children who can not be found except for 2 sons who still won’t take her in. Thankfully the state government took her in. The gist is that this woman now 85years old is troublesome and so couldn’t live with anyone. She has had 5 husband’s none of whom are available or willing to take care of her.

This woman’s story got me thinking. Our attitude, character and choices will have an impact on our lives even at old age. I am not judging this old woman… I mean every one of us have a fair share of lives upside and downside.

I read the story of an old man who died leaving not so much in terms of silver and gold for his children but left a lot of integrity, honesty and kindness behind. His daughter was particularly mad with him for not been like other fathers who left great riches. She ended up landing an inclusive big package job with a company owned by someone whom her father had shown great kindness to when he was looking for a job. She is earning a 7 figure salary now.

The In-betweens of Our lives matter. What we do now will affect our tomorrow.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)


6 thoughts on “The In-between of Our Lives

  1. Interesting, and I agree.

    But, sometimes we can be lovely our whole life, and our children become something unexpected when they get married and have life of their own. At the same time, some oldies where diffiucult their entire life and it just blows up when they are old. But old age and ill health are difficult for them to bare.

    I agree we have to be decent our whole life and that should set up straight for old age. But I wound never expect children to be there for one later, as you just know what the become when they get married, or get into new company. They may be blood, but the world is rather selfish .

    We are all unique and therefore sitution are unique. Therefore. only the divine can be relieve on.

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  2. I wonder how difficult a parent would be for the children to refuse to care for her – that’s so wrong on many levels – they should do their part like putting her in an old people’s home for instance and providing for her as much as they can.

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