Girls Living in “Face – me – I – Face – You” at Risk

“Face-me-I – Face – You” houses are overcrowded living quarters where occupants share bathrooms, kitchen and compound. It is not uncommon to see a family of ten share just one room. It is a community of constant fights and chaos. People who live in such a place are usually low income earners who struggle to make ends meet.

I remember we once lived in a face-me-I – Face- You compound while growing up. My father would insist that we do not go out of our house to play with children of other tenants in the compound. Instead we were kept busy reading our books and doing our little house chores. He then went a step further to purchase a betamax video cassette player and lots of cartoons to keep us busy. These we will stay glued to whenever our parents were not around.

One time I made the mistake of getting involved in settling fights between two children in the compound. I got the spanking of my life! Why because my dad did not want us to keep bad company plus I was supposed to be home already with my siblings after attending an evening coaching lesson. So you see it was getting dark and my poor dad didn’t know I was somewhere in the compound so he went in search of me at the lesson afraid something bad had happened to me. Hmmm… I will never forget the discipline I got.

Little did I know that my Dad was only trying to protect us from horrible things that could happen to girls like I and my siblings. I was under ten years and I had two other sisters as at that time. As soon as dad could afford it he got us an apartment with more privacy in safer environment.

Later I got to know about girls who were sexually abused by neighbors. Some of the perpetrators were young boys their age or male adults.

We were protected by our very vigilant parents who knew better. Unfortunately many parents of children who live in face-me – I – Face – You are so careless and some just don’t know the dangers lurking around to grab their daughters.

I have come across horrifying stories that I don’t want to even begin to talk about here. Everyday one girl is waylaid in her community and sexually abused. Most times it is one old man or silly boy in the compound/next door who abuse such vulnerable girls.

What is the way forward here? Why am I ranting? There is a serious need to educate parents at the grassroot level to pay more attention to the safety of their children.

Any practical suggestions of what we can all do? While at it please educate as many people you happen to meet in your community and neighborhood about this.

Girls need to be protected from sexual predators. It starts with you.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

7 thoughts on “Girls Living in “Face – me – I – Face – You” at Risk

  1. Very important subject and glad you are out here sharing your story and shedding light on this issue. What a blessing to have a Dad like yours who knew the dangers that lurked outside of your house and tried to protect you. Then got you out as fast as he could. I pray for our world. I pray for the ones going through the trials and I pray for the predators that they wake up and FEEL the damage they are inflicting and hence will stop. I just commented on another blog that “man” is capable of so much love and greatness, if we would just choose to be that way. God Bless you.

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  2. ‘Bisi – Well done with this post. I laugh so much reading, not that the subject matter is funny but it is good to read from a fellow face-me-I-face-your survivor. Even the picture here is a fancy one, I didn’t live in anyone remotely this fancy πŸ™‚
    Having said that, it is not an ideal situation.

    Not only girls, boys are being sexually abused as well, and some as young as 7year old.
    FMIFY is the only option for more than half of our population. To help people who are already in this situation, we need to get people to share their stories in a safe environment where they are comfortable that their privacy is protected, this will help other young people to understand that what they are going through is abuse and normal. And hopefully, the local or state government will start intervening.

    My parents too were overly protective and it is for the same reason but life should not be that hard. I believe once we start to expose these offenders, the less power they have.

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    • Fola I laugh too whenever I remember how it all went down. Good to meet a fellow face-me – I- face – you comerade sister. *winkπŸ˜€
      Seriously the world is a lot even less safer. We need to watch and protect both our sons and daughters

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