Humour: Two Determined Waring Goats #getittogetherng

There  I was in this neighborhood on a community awareness trip on Family Planning gathering information and then came this drama. While speaking to a tailor and his wife  who is nursing a baby here were these two baby goats trying out the strength of their young heads.

They stood facing each fiercely like they were competing for something for a few seconds. Then they will move towards each other like a slow motion in a movie and knocked each other’s head together as hard as they could. They did thus over and over again.

We were really amused.

My team and I made various comments. And I said its like these goats have a full stomach so they are trying to expend their energies. Like little children when hunger sets in they will go looking for their mother for some breast milk and possibly food waist from dustbins in the neighborhood. And the fight continued!! 😂 we watched laughing and I took photos of the two waring goats… But they were not even scared of me nor my camera… Hahaha

Like these two determined goats couples need to make an informed choice and take steps towards planning for the future of their families.

Children will play and make demands of their needs from parents so plan for the number you can adequately cater for. 

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

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