Woman to Woman Talk #3 – If it is not a Diamond Ring then Nothing….

A girl graduates from college and sets her heart on settling down with the man of her dream. One should be clear about the kind of man one would like to marry. There is nothing wrong with writing down a few things about what you will like to see in the man you want to spend the rest of your life with. A typical list- A tall, handsome, six packs guy….hmmmn nice look! Then he has to have a Cadillac car, own his own business, and have a yacht and an airplane to fly you around the world in. Fantastic! Some girls are lucky to marry a prince or rich tycoon and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s a good dream …money will not be a problem! A friend said he prefers six digits to six packs… 😀 Lol

However, girl, there are other indices to consider when considering the kind of man you will like to settle down with. I met a few ladies who say that their man has to be rich before they can wear his ring. What happens if he spoils you with all the money in the world but does that to many other women in his life…you are only wearing the ring plus he is always never around flying across the world doing business.

I am wondering …who says you can’t be rich as a woman. Is there a law against that…certainly no? Do not measure the comfort you can have in life by what a man can offer you.

In the name of looking for a rich guy some ladies have passed off would be billionaires just because they are not looking like it right now.

What you need is an honest, God-fearing and Kind man whether he has money or not.

Work hard, have big dreams and you can be successful too. The right man who will appreciate, love and respect you will come your way.

Don’t sell yourself, short woman. A man’s character is not defined by the money in his pocket. 

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

8 thoughts on “Woman to Woman Talk #3 – If it is not a Diamond Ring then Nothing….

  1. You are absolutely right! God fearing is the way to go because that man will always be blessed by God. Money can be gained and what most people don’t think about when searching for a “rich” man is that money can be lost, overnight. What will happen then, if there is no love and no God?


  2. Truth. God fearing and honest. However, I don’t date broke. Real talk. Been there and done that. I don’t need him to take care of me, but I will not take care of him. We’re too old for that.

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  3. Well, given tough job market in the country, I would think a rich guy is someone who is gainfully employed irrespective of salary, finds himself a lady who works too. To appreciate value of money, it is essential that both work.


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