Breastfeeding #2 – What is your take on Companies/organizations Providing a Baby Creche for Nursing Mothers?

The other day I was having an official chat with my boss and something she said warmed my heart.

Recently a number of our pregnant women in the office just delivered their babies. Four months of maternity leave wrapped up quickly and before you could say “Jack Robinson” they resumed work. A few of these mothers brought their babies to the office with a maid carrying the baby outside in the car, in the parking lot while mummy worked. The mother will dash out every now and then to breastfeed and get back to attending to official matters.

It was mostly a case of wanting to do exclusive Breastfeeding and to achieve this meant they had to bring their babies since there was no baby Creche  anywhere close to the office.

During our chat, this my boss looked out the window and saw a mother rushing to breastfeed her baby in the parking lot and she shared a thought she had been brooding over. She was on a hunt for a container that will be furnished and turned into a baby Creche for our nursing mothers. I felt it was really thoughtful of her. She planned on getting sponsors for this project to make this dream come through as the organization will likely not provide such a service.

My Question

What is your take on companies/organizations providing baby Creche for nursing mothers?

Some people will say it is not cost effective as these mothers are already being paid.. Hmmmn what do you think?

Please share your thoughts.

Baby Creche: A nursery where babies and young children are taken care of while their mum’s work. 

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

5 thoughts on “Breastfeeding #2 – What is your take on Companies/organizations Providing a Baby Creche for Nursing Mothers?

  1. Well, first off, I feel if the company wants to do it, it’s their company, let them do it. I personally think that it would make the mothers more productive, knowing their babies are right there, inside, and safe. They could focus completely to their tasks, and seems the breaks for feeding wouldn’t take as long because the babies are right inside, easy access.

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  2. That is a brilliant idea, your boss will inspire many people when the idea is turned to reality. Many smart private companies do same nowadays, perhaps more so in the west but the challenges of breastfeeding is too real regardless of where we are.

    I had the luxury of six months maternity with my eldest girl, by the time I had her sister only two years later, maternity has been increased to 9 months with optional 3 months unpaid to make it a year – here it was because many incredible women/men like your boss who believe in the importance of breastfeeding work hard to make it easier on women.

    On the cost, I think in the long run the benefit will outweigh the cost on the company.

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    • Lucky you Fola to have had 6&9 months of maternity. Really Heartwarming unlike Nigeria here where we are managing 4 months and that’s government agencies o. Some private organizations will barely give their nursing mothers 2 months! O the stress of motherhood for working women.

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