Woman to Woman Talk #18 – Creating A Balance While Juggling Many Things

Welcome to another woman to woman or should I say feminine tet- a-tet time. Hopefully, your week hasn’t been too stressful. Mine has been a mixed bag. In between carrying out my work assignments, family errands and chores; been called in the middle of the night that a dear friend and sister’s husband slummed in the bathroom(sadly he didn’t make it. A really emotional time for us all as we grieve with her and try to  support as best as we can). Then we are in the middle of having this great fun time for senior citizens in the Southwest Nigeria. October 1, is International World Elders Day.

Why I’m I listing my activities for the week? Because like many other women out there we all juggle various aspects of life from career, business, family, spiritual, friends, family and more. If you are like me, it can really be overwhelming sometimes and stressful too.

So how does a woman find a balance?
Talk is easy but when it comes to application, it is another ball game altogether. So I can not pretend to know about all that goes on in your life dear woman but we can at least share ideas.

7 things to do to get a balance/Reduce Stress

  • Prioritize and Identify what is most important in your life. Pay attention to what is important. E. God Your health and family are not worth sacrificing for a career.
  • Buy food in bulk and refrigerate or preserve through natural means that you prefer. This will sort the problem of having to go shopping at the market or mall every now and then. I mean you don’t even have the time with your busy schedule.
  • Clean systematically. Do not try to do all the chores in your house at once. Plan your chores, for example, you can decide to wash on your off days or the weekend.
  • Sometimes leave all the mess and go and lie down. If you are stressed, you are stressed. Don’t keep pushing yourself trying to be miss/Mrs perfectly clean and then you break down. Please turn the other eye and have a 30minutes nap, the mess will still be waiting when you get up from the bed but you will have renewed energy to face it.
  • Plan your work- office or business. Take care of assignments as soon as they come. Stop piling your work or before long you come under the pressure of meeting too many deadlines within a short time.
  • Engage others, ask for help and keep asking.
  • Create me a time when you just relax and away from all the stress. This can be simply having a drink all by yourself outside in the garden.

Share your ideas about how a woman can find a balance between work, family and personal life. Enjoy your weekend!!

Adebisi Adetunji(C)

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