The Sight of a Hardworking Woman & Mother: How tough can it Get?

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This morning I got to the office and saw the little daughter of one of our cleaners. I asked her mum why she wasn’t in school and the whole gist centered around inability to pay the girl’s school fees for now.

I was kind of troubled by this news. Then I inquired about her husband and what he was doing about getting their daughter’s school fees paid. She said he had lost his job and the family was barely managing to survive on her cleaning meager salary for now. She was waiting to get paid so a part payment of the school fees can be made while they live on the rest. You can imagine how much her salary amounts to, not much.

While also chatting with her I found out she had also gotten a loan to enroll her oldest child in tertiary institution. So here is this hardworking woman and mother in between paying back a loan and fending for her family as best as she can.

I was really touched and want to appreciate every hardworking woman supporting their families as best as they can.

It is also heartwarming to see that this woman wants her children to get an education and have a better life than she had.

Encourage hardworking women around you and help support in your own little way.

Don’t mind your business, care enough to ask people how they are doing, you would be surprised at how that can help. It is an opportunity to show kindness and lend a hand. 

Have a great and blessed day☺️☺️

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

13 thoughts on “The Sight of a Hardworking Woman & Mother: How tough can it Get?

  1. Frankly, women need to be respected and praised. God has really wired women to be able to face any situation that comes. Kudos to all women out there.

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  2. Praying for this beautiful strong beloved child of God, and for her family. I remember what it was like to pick between school tuition for my son, and me having food. She is beautiful to care more for her children’s future, than for the struggle she has to go through now. God bless her, and God bless you for sharing it with us :):)

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  3. the perseverance and endurance of women are so amazing. Men could have broken a thousand time. Even if the husband is working, it’s the wife who sustains and keeps the family going. I appreciate you stopped and asked the cleaner how she was doing!

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