She Needed A Chance to Believe Part 2

Catch up on the first part of the story: She Needed A Chance to Believe Part 1.

Alexandra is the second born of her siblings. She saw her older sister, Esther get enrolled in the university while her closest younger siblings were getting ready to also get into college. She felt left out and a bleak future stared her in the face. She badly wanted to continue her education but this WAEC mountain refuses to give way to her dreams. To challenge her father’s plan to enroll her in learning a trade was out of the question. Her father was revered and his authority was not to be challenged. He wanted so badly that his children succeeded and Alexandra’s case left him feeling like all his hard work to provide was wasted.

If only I would be allowed to attempt the exams again”, Alexandra thought to herself but even she didn’t believe that she could pass any more than her parents.

Days, weeks and months pass by and then one day her father announced that she would be sent to her grandma’s place in the village to enroll in something. Alexandra’s heart was torn in a different directions.  To her it felt like a plan to abandon her far away from home. She was not ready to leave her siblings and all that was familiar to her. Her self-esteem took a deeper downturn.

One day in the midst of all this her older sister who was in the university shared a hopeful news with Alexandra. There was an opportunity at the university where her sister was enrolled in to do certificate courses that did not require scoring up to 7credits in WAEC. Alexandra had a few passes and probably one credit, she wondered if she would be admitted to do the course. Her sister insisted that it was possible but they had one hurdle to cross, convincing their father who by then had lost hope of Alexandra getting into the university.

Her sister, Esther summoned the courage to speak with their father but the meeting took place at his office. Convincing their father was not easy as he argued that Alexandra was terribly weak in learning and so it would amount to a waste of money. Her older sister, Esther pressed harder and had to promise that she will ensure that Alexandra pays attention in school. Esther had to agree to be held responsible if Alexandra fails again.

When Alexandra got the news that her father was willing to give the certificate course in Library science a try, she was ecstatic! Her siblings celebrated this news in their room. The next step was to actually get her admitted into the course. For some reason, the university didn’t give her any hassles as she was admitted. It was a lifeline for Alexandra, she gave the course her best shot, studying so hard and getting her brilliant course mates to teach her. Many nights she will sleep in the class studying and learning as far as she was concerned she was now a university/college student. Never mind that people wondered what good could come out of such a not so “prestigious course” of the times. It wasn’t even a degree or diploma just a certificate course. Alexandra did not care she kept at it and when her one year course was over, she scored 4points, she was an A student. Alexandra wept as she looked at her result, it was unbelievable.

She never believed that she had what it takes in her to succeed as a student talk more of coming out with an A grade. Her parents and siblings celebrated this victory and all voices and ideas that said,  she wouldn’t make it through school were debunked.

Alexandra went on to study nursing, midwifery and became the only medical person in the family. None of her brilliant science-oriented siblings ended up in the medical field and there were high hopes for at least one doctor…hahaha; although there were engineers, biochemistry who ended up as bankers and more.

Well, this story is not about her siblings but about Alexandra, a girl whom many thought couldn’t make it through school and she started to believe it herself too until she faced her mountain squarely in the face. Interestingly years later Alexandra would write her WAEC and scored credits and As in science subjects that she never did while in secondary school. She wanted to make her papers in one sitting and she did it.

Believe in yourself; Believe the best of your children and others. Never give up.

This is my immediate younger sister’s story and I am the older sister who had to face my father to get her to continue her education. I look at her today and marvel at the great woman she had become. Never give up on anyone, keep believing the best.

Adebisi Adetunji (C)

14 thoughts on “She Needed A Chance to Believe Part 2

  1. Oh wow! Haha. I love the lovely end to the story. And a bit of a surprise that it was your family story. One thing I’ve realized in life is that failure at the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd attempt is no failure. It’s like a normal phase in each step to success. Hence the need to never quit in the struggle because with determination and persistence, success is most likely to be achieved. It is always good to give people a second chance in life than to dismiss them due to their previous experiences. Don’t judge a person’s capability at success until all available options have been utilized, just as this inspiring story has proven. Great story. Thanks for sharing it. 🙂


    • Thanks Sis for your inspiring and motivating comment. I almost deleted the part about it been my family’s personal story. Kind of feel funny about revealing this. You know it is easier to tell other people’s story😀😀😀

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      • You’re welcome. No. I don’t think it’s bad that you told a personal story. Many families can identify with this story. Don’t forget I mentioned yesterday that it resonates because back home, I’ve seen these cases and even among my extended family too. It’s just about not giving up on hope. It’s about not giving up on others when they record series of failures and disappointments in life ventures. Yes, we can get mad at them over these inadequacies yet, subtly encouraging them to keep trying. I appreciate your story. It’s educative as well as inspiring. 🙂

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  2. Amazing story with a beautiful ending. I am sure we can make an award winning movie out of this (lol)
    Brought tears to my eyes…I remember the struggle and I am extremely proud of who she has become. Thanks Sis for standing up for Alexandra and for all of us.

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  3. The story gives me goosebumps! Thanks so much for sharing it and love the ending! You are so right, ” Never give up!” This resonates with my oldest child. I know there is a plan out there for her! Blessings to you for being there for your younger sister!

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